My new interior decor:)

Its been 5yrs and two kids later since I moved into my home. High time I updated my open plan dining room and lounge. I have a standard design at the moment- white cornices and eggshell colour walls, a gorgeous black fireplace set with stone cladding that adds quite alot of character to this space, travertine side table and glass dining table set on travertine as well and leather lounge suite that very closely matches the muted tones of the travertine and stone cladding.

So all in all...too neutral for my family's adventurous personality. Ive been in love with the colour teal and its perfect as I have two boys and my hubby's favourite colour is green. Its definitely a bold statement and will give quite alot of versatility in any other colours I may want to introduce.

Teal goes excellently with metallic colours gold and silver. White is a great option for this hue and taupe and tan complement really well. Yellow adds a pop of brightness and cream, blues and greens can be added varying depths from bright turquoise to deep sea green.

Think a cluster of brilliant white frames in different sizes and shapes on a dark teal wall. What to frame? Beautiful scenery from each family trip.  Don't be afraid to swop it up if you like another picture better.  Let it grow with you. Personally I may opt for quotations, or bold statements of principles my family values.

Now this is a dining room you wouldn't want to leave....notice the painted ceilings, most people wouldn't think of painting another colour up there. 

Join me in my journey to make up my dining room..beware there might be some diy...

So far I have headed over to the Plascon spaces showroom in Fourways. I have to admit I'm addicted to selecting colours from those striped cards and having them mixed into little tester pots of 250ml..psst..testerpots are much cheaper if you get them directly from the plascon showroom..paid R30 each and they retail at hardware stores for R50 each.

I chose 6 colours ...and now have blocks of colour painted on my walls from light to dark. Alot more difficult to get an exact replica of a colour you might have browsed over the net.

My colour inspiration and my favourite colour "teal", love this blue green colour combo.

Check out for more colour inspiration

The colour featured above is actually called neon blue and tested a swatch on my wall..its too blue. I have settled on a colour called Mermaid Jewel..its much easier on the eyes.

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