Do 'YOU' have a hero complex?

Those who know me well, consider me a pretty good listener...but sometimes that means I end up listening to complaints.

I'm not just a pretty good listener..I'm a proactive one...iow if you mean alot to me..I'm not likely to take your complaints lying down. I will do everything I can to rescue you..because in my mind, if you are complaining, you need help sorting this one out.

Blame it on the movies  or the 'good must triumph over evil' mentality..but we all have the urge to play hero every now and then. We see an opportunity and we take it or its just our strong instict that pushes us to put ourselves in harms way before we let others we care about get hurt.

As we continue in this way, we learn soon enough that being a hero means taking responsibility. Ever helped someone and then been blamed for making the situation worse or for being the reason for the problem in the first place?..aah ofcourse you have. We live and have been groomed in a blame culture..someone has to take responsibility for things going wrong..we are largely logical creatures and would believe what we hear, touch, see, smell or taste before we can ever accept a matter for what it really is..sometimes coincidental, unexplainable, poor or excellent timing.

Think of those crime thrillers that start out with a woman covered in blood and holding a dagger over a corpse..'she did it.!'...but the killer got away and she just woke up with the dagger in hand and the killer's clothes on her back.

Your hero antics are also very visible to others. Which is why I learnt very quickly in grade school that if you going to pinch your classmate after they pinched your friend..don't be the one doing the pinching when your teacher is looking.

Heroes have a knack for landing themselves in trouble. In the latest installment of Die Hard..yes the Bruce Willis movie.."Do you go looking for trouble, or does it always find you?” John McClane's son Jack asks him as his dad clearly has a hero complex.

Yes, ofcourse we need more heroes in this world..but just never forget to ask yourself what you are fighting for, worth all the trouble that will hunt you down..? Honestly, I would still play the hero if I had a do over, it's just my personality...I'll always be cheering for the underdog...BUT I would be wiser in choosing my battles.

My advice to my fellow Justice Leaguers and Avengers is:
1. choose your battles wisely, objective as you can, there's always a story and then there's the truth,
3.keep your anger or rage under control, you will need to think clearly and strategise if need be to save the day.
4. make your intentions known to all, there should be no room for misunderstanding over your reasons for your heroic avoid taking on any matter that maybe a conflict of interest, as you may be accused for for having selfish motives.
5.never be the hero to a family member in feud with another family member as this can quickly turn into a domestic disaster.Opt for referee instead..but still proceed with caution..I'm sure you have seen many  a soccer match where the referee had to run from angry players.
6. this being the most important point of all..sometimes you just need to listen and do nothing at's human nature to complain and sometimes people just want to vent or need an ear. Yes its hard, but practice makes perfect!

Never dull your shine for anyone! Quoting Tyra Banks, always let your personality forge ahead and don't turn nasty no matter how dire the circumstances. You are who you are because of the choices you make and not because of your circumstances;)

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