Laying my foundation

Yes...I know I have not written in quite a while....

I sincerely apologise for that...and intend on making up for it in a big way and will definitely blog on a more regular basis.

My Life has been quite a roller coaster. Now I can't really give you all the sordid details...some things are best left unsaid or kept private for the most part;)

I am however going to lay my foundation...I realize you know nothing about me..unless you have done your research or actually know me:)..It's time I tell you a little about myself.

My maiden name is Waseema Muthalib Reyazuddin...oh yes...all of it..a mouthful, but everyone knows me as Waseema.

I don't have a nick..except endearing ones and a friend did try once using Was..that never caught on..!

I was born and raised in Durban, South Africa.

School nerd but never looked the part, I was the hugely helpful sort, tutor, head girl get the pic.

I have a degree in Bachelor of Commerce Accounting, a Diploma in Make-up Artistry, and am a Professional Fashion Designer. My main focus now is Fashion Designing.

There are a lot of things I am passionate about and I definitely find it very difficult to stay focused on one passion at a time. You live once(in this world) so why not live Excellently! I want to be a student all my life learning and growing and also taking the seat of teacher every now and then, as sharing your knowledge and passion is rewarding and liberating.

Some of the things I am passionate about include DIY projects..that could be anything that meets my fancy, adventure and outdoor activities, nutrition, insanely passionate about fitness, fashion of course,beauty, books-definitely the self improvement sort or educational-I'd rather watch a good fiction than read one, but thats mostly due to time constraints.

I have two amazing kids..two little boys and a wonderful husband...(Masha'Allah). Gave birth to the second one this year actually...hence my reference to Life being a roller coaster.

How old am I you ask? none of your! can easily find that out..

I am secretly working on a number of very legal personal fashion and food projects which I will make public as soon as I am done:)

The rest of the facts about me or fiction that I dream of turning into will observe or learn as you follow my blog.

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