Hijab style and outfit combos: issue 1

Style: Cool, Casual and trendy

Style to me is among many things an attitude portrayed by the way ‘you’ pair your clothing, shoes and accessories, how you wear your pieces and the ability to carry off that look with confidence.

Doing the above with hijab isn’t an easy task, to some it comes naturally, for others the hijab appears as the one item, that just doesn’t go with any of their outfit combinations (know how you feel!).As a result the hijab is either tossed aside for making one look old, mismatched and frustrated or donning it and appearing very poorly put together far as dressing is concerned.

Time to change that perspective….!

Hijab can now look cool, casual, sophisticated, elegant, fearless and so much more, it takes away reasons for not wearing one and gives you a million and one to embrace it.

We all a need a little help every now and then and I’m honestly no exception!  So let's get down to it…I'd like to introduce you to some of the hijab styles I have found on the net, on the streets, even Dubai…These looks are primarily aimed at moods you would like to create…pay close attention to the clothing combos and have an open mind about what will suit you…atleast until you have tried it:)

Look 1: Sophisticated 
Hijab DIY: One of my favorites! 
She wears an under scarf, you can also opt for those burka styles that are lengthy and its great for neck and chest (d├ęcolletage) cover. 
Use thinner fabrics for Summer, heavier for Winter.
The royal or cobalt blue is a square scarf tied like a bandana and brought to the front. You can also swop for a dupatta (rectangular scarf).

Outfit DIY: Military style jacket, nude colors to allow the scarf to stand out, gold accessories with an edgy style, multiple strands of necklaces or chains (have fun with yours), and of course sunglasses which adds that instant "cool" factor. ( hint hint...watch out for my blog post on sunglasses to suit your face shape)

Look 2: Casual
Hijab DIY: you can wear this look with or without a headscarf, depending on the fabric of your scarf or pashmina. Pashminas are all the rage in Dubai, because of their longer lengths, greater widths, and variety of fabrics, muslimahs can create a range of styles without risking being exposed.

To create this style, place your pashmina or dupatta (rectangular) scarf over your head lengthwise with one short end and one long end, tie as you would a dupatta, draping the long side under your neck and over your head. you may want to do this a few times till the scarf is short enough and hangs freely like hers. As you do so create free hand pleats (by grabbing the scarf at the back toward the front with your fingers, this will create volume and reduce the width of your scarf, so pull only as much needed) and just throw over your head, secure with pins, brooches or with a heavy enough or jersey knit pash or scarf, you won't need any pins.

Outfit DIY: You can play match the colors or simply copy the style. Regular cut or skinny jeans, white tank top underneath and batwing loose sweater over.

Tip: I love purchasing Longer length tank tops as well so I can wear them under shorter tops, this gives me the freedom to shop in more places without worrying too much about length. Also check out for sleeveless fitted dresses to wear underneath (no need to frown anymore at the lack of hijaab friendly outfits), its useful! Notice her envelope handbag, those are quite popular(",)

Look 3: Summer floral Dian Palengi

Hijab DIY: An underscarf is a must for this look, use a fitted burka in a solid color of your choice (only 1 color, though you an vary this if you like) Use a lighter or sheer floral scarf (chiffon or silk etc) on top draped loosely at the bottom and pinned to the side of your head. For amazing styles, check out Dian Palengi's website for her hijab styles. Will post a few links for you to browse soon.

Outfit DIY: Maxi dress, longer length cardigan worn over (also try button down shirts), belted at waist, be sure to be colour savvy- match your belt to your bag or your sandals, and your cardigan can be in a hue that picks up on the pop of colour on your scarf such as the color of the flowers or the solid colour.

Tip: notice how wearing sunglasses just makes an outfit look trendy and cool, so don't be shy to protect those peepers!

Look 4: Draping

Hijab DIY: I love the easy draping in this look, it looks smart yet effortless. You can wear an underscarf for neck cover and tie a bandanna style as in look 1 then instead of leaving the ends loose at the front, you can twist or plait it and pin to the side of your head. Here is a link on how to achieve this look....
Simply click on the link below: (please avoid criticism iro the muslimahs though, we all have our own jihad and I try to promote hijab on a fashion platform to make it accessible to even the fussiest of us, there is a style to suit us all;) whilst still adhering to hijab)


Look 5: Hooded
Which style did you like the most? do you have a style that you would like to share? let me know by dropping a mail to waseema561@yahoo.com.. and if there are any styles you would like to learn and see more of in future posts. Jazak'Allah!

P.S. look forward to a lot more hijab styles!!...
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