Hijab style and Outfit combo issue: 2


I have such a wealth of hijab styles and outfit combos to share with you….I feel quite overwhelmed…Thankyou for sharing this blog with others!…it inspires me immensely to continue. Lets get started with today’s lessons.

I have seen a huge following with the turban style and was inspired by the number of ladies I’d seen wearing them on my trip to Dubai. It’s a look anyone can wear and you can take it from casual to formal by using ‘accessories’.

I almost got rid off my earrings many months ago as I thought it was just sitting there unused due to hijab styles I opted for.

Then I thought I really love my earrings and would love to use them. The turban style allows this and there are so many ways to tie one. So I would like to introduce: 

Turban styling with accessories.


Summer Pattern mixing


1. You will need two patterned scarves, to choose your patterns wisely stick to one scarf as the accent piece as worn on the muslimah’s shoulders with large purposeful designs (all designs on the scarf have a theme it wishes to portray eg, sailing with anchors and rope designs or floral ) and one, which is simple with small repetitive popular designs (mini polka dots, thin stripes, small paisley designs repeated throughout the scarf like the polka dots). The pattern mixing is very on trend. The scarf you use to tie the turban can be a long one (1,8 or 2metres), or a square. We will first try the long one.

2. Draping the turban, do as you would a dupatta style but at the back. Place your rectangular scarf on your head with one short end (till just below your shoulder blades) and one long end, then take the long end at the back and drape it over your head. You should now have the scarf in two layers, with the short end tucked in.

3. Grab the additional length left at the back and begin twisting it and pull it to one side over the top/ front of your head and secure well with fancy pins. Tuck the tail end at the back, under your scarf.
P.S. I’m not a fan of the twist around the front of my head so I twist it around my bun or grip it like look 1 from hijab styles issue 1, where you could use fancy hair grips.

4. You can easily drape the square scarf around your neck for suitable cover by folding the square in half to form a triangles and securing the two ends by tying it to the back. Pinch up or ruffle the scarf for some fullness to cover the neck as below. 


As we have chosen the scarf around our neck as the accent piece, our accessories such as our earrings, bracelets, even belts can match the colour of this scarf.

Accent pieces are generally in brighter more flamboyant colours. Our turban scarf is the base and neutral colours like the monochrome (black polka dots against white background) and even neutrals (browns, greys, taupe, black etc) compliment each other well. You can always change it up and opt to use accessories in your turban colour.

P.S. the white shirt is a classic favourite and returns time and time again…if you don’t have one…consider it, the white chiffon is feminine, summery and worth investing in, best of all it can be worn in multiple ways. Watch out for “how you should be wearing that shirt” in my future posts.

Some colour combinations to try for look 5 with or without patterns:

1. Turban: taupe or chocolate brown 
    Neck scarf: Lime green, yellow, turquoise,

2. Turban: grey
    Neck scarf: yellow, neon green, purple, peach or orange

3. Turban: white 
    Neck scarf: black, silver, white, gold, other neutrals, most colours

4. Turban: black
    Neck scarf: any colour and any pattern that compliments your outfit.

I love the combination below….no twisting (",) just knot the remaining scarf length at back and pull to one side or both. It’s more of a bandana style. 


Bandana style colours

There are multiple ways to tie your neck scarf, depending on how much coverage you need around your neck and neckline. Let’s explore a few: 

Option 1, under ‘twist’, is great for starting out. You can fluff it out to add volume and coverage for your neck

Tip: If you are worried that your neck might be exposed, the next look is just for you.


Summer Pastel Hijab


1. You will need a burka style scarf /underscarf (these are the ones that seem to mould to the shape of your head) and a light jersey knit (pin free) or chiffon square or rectangular dupatta style scarf.
2. First wear your underscarf.
3. Draping the turban: place your rectangular scarf on your head
    ensuring both sides are equal. Cross it at the back and knot it.
4. Finishing off: Now take the one side and you could fold it lengthwise till it’s the width of a hairband (about 5-10cm) and wrap it around the front half of your head or just at your crown making sure you cover the exposed knot. Then do the same with the other, tucking in the tail ends into the wrapped around- bands, and leave a little to hang loose.

The Muslimah wears a nude or blush coloured dress, which has a pleated chiffon skirt with a longer length pink cardigan. Long or short, cardigans compliment dresses. They can be worn open, buttoned up or belted. Also consider wearing your shirts as a cardigan, denim is a plus!

With long-sleeved dresses you can also opt for sleeveless cardigans to wear over.

See below for some cardigan and dress combos. 


The scarf style worn above is Turkish and they favor the square scarves. I will do a post soon dedicated to Turkish Hijab styles. You will love your square scarves again! 

Pleated nude or blush coloured maxi skirts as worn in look 6 are gorgeous and have been on and off the catwalks and can be dressed up or down. See below, you could easily swop for a longer sleeve length or cardigan, blazer etc. 

Pleated Nude Chiffon skirt with chic tee for casual wear

Onto our next look…a step by step tutorial..yey! 

LOOK 7: 

The plaited turban

1. Wear an underscarf.Simply knot a dupatta (rectangular scarf) at the side of the head, then plait as
    much as you would like (knotting it as you go along), fasten with a pin to the back on one side and
    allow a little to hang loose. Then simply add accessories.
2. The classic trend with hijabs are the use of necklaces and chains first attached to the under scarf and
    hanging across the forehead..you could also use alicebands or diamante bracelets. Best worn for

Well that's it ladies....
I really enjoyed doing this post, takes alottttt of time, effort and love. So Share the love with others who wish to gain insight on the turban style for hijab. The above is but a few, so I will revisit turban styling in the future..IA! You can add me on facebook: Waseema Abdool Khader, on twitter: stylexplora or email:waseema561@yahoo.com with your queries and comments.

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