Lifestyle: No Lame Excuses! Steps to get you into workout mode!

Start this year with a new approach! Don’t think of workouts as ‘one day I will do it and I will stick to it’…trust me, you will never get down to it. Rather just do it, like you would brush your teeth in the morning and it will eventually become ‘a habit’, even if you miss a few days, you not likely to quit brushing your teeth now, are you? so, why should you, when it comes to your workout?

Here are my 4 steps to get you started!

1.     Change your thoughts change your world!
Reading up on health topics and fitness will make you develop an entirely new way of thinking about health and workouts, try Women’s Health Mags.

Every issue is packed with useful info illustrated beautifully and has workouts you can tear out and keep. I have a file filled with workouts from strength, and cardio to kickboxing and kettlebells. You also get free workout dvd’s in selected issues.

Inspiring articles on how others achieved their fitness goals are also well worth the read….no one’s born lifting kettlebells you know…it’s all practice, practice, practice!
Other reads: Weigh less mags, runner, fitness mag etc.

2.     Focus on what you should do and worry less about what you should not!
Do this, and you will eventually reduce or even stop the things you should not be doing.
Make an effort to do some form of physical exercise, every bit counts (see my next posts for some sneaky moves you can add to your everyday choresJ)

A few good eating habits can also boost your confidence to start working out.
Drink more water, and you might skip the fizzy stuff because you are intent on getting your 6-8 glasses a day.
Hate drinking water? Get a fancy bottle and be sure to add a few drops of lemon juice. Apparently the lack of character such as colour and bland taste keeps most of us away from this vital liquid. So adding a slice of lemon, crushed ice or just torn mint leaves is enticing.

Not getting as much fruits or veges as you should?, pop them in the blender (I use Russell Hobbs smoothie maker) for smoothies and mash your boiled veges and add to your stews, soups, curries or even pasta sauce.

Learn to keep your water bottles or jugs and fruits in plain sight so you will grab these instead of junk. My family eats more fruits since I started leaving them in a fancy platter on the table eg, bananas , apples, nectarines…the kinds that stay well out the fridge.  

Try Futurelife’s smoothie:
2-3 tblspoon Future Life cereal powder or any Protein powder of choice,
125ml milk
125ml water
1 tspoon honey
3-4 almonds
pinch of cinnamon
a few ice cubes
1 apple, or any other fruit of your choice (I’ve tried an apple and a handful of blueberries, my smoothie went purple, it was delicious!)

I am addicted to smoothies, they give you all the nutrients you need without the tiresome munching on boring apples…so I will do a post soon dedicated to smoothie recipes to gain specific benefits such as glowing skin, healthy hair , fire up your metabolism etc.

3.     Play games and do sport for fun? Why not?
Yes !play games and be sporty, when did you stop? You don’t have to be a professional cyclist to cycle or a star athlete to mess around in the pool. Leave your insecurities at the door. This is your life and if you don’t decide on what you can do, someone else is going to tell what you can’t.

Join in on family activities that you would normally sit out, play treasure hunt with the kids, hoola hooping, skipping, hopscotch, or you could simply walk or swim. If you don’t swim, kicking , squatting or lunge walking in the pool is great for toning your body or go a step further an enroll for swimming lessons.

4.   Accept the fact that it’s not easy but is worth it!
There’s irony to the above. As soon as you accept that working out is not easy and steer yourself through it despite that….you learn it ‘is’ easy!
Most of our fears and dread about working out or pretty much anything in life are in our minds and the only way we get rid of those fears are by actually just “doing it”, not just once but many times. I’ve lost count on the times I’ve seen a workout video in the past and told myself “there’s no way I can do that!” now I try it and then decide if I just simply need more Practice. Practice really makes perfect(“,)



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