What do I wear to a Fashion Show?

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I will be attending the "Hospice Wits Night with the Stars" Fashion show next Friday thanks to my uber sweet husband. I am beyond excited! It has been ages since I went to one. Truth is I have only ever attended two shows, one being the one I showcased my designs as a new Fashion Designer in which I wore a red dress and the one in which a renowned KZN (Kwa-Zulu Natal) designer Mr. Bob Essack (he designed and created my contemporary wedding gown) was showcasing one of his lines which included a beautiful purple wedding gown he'd sewn for my very fashionable sister in law. I actually don't remember what I wore to that fashion show...selective amnesia..

I have quite a few new items in my cupboard...from a black blazer and lace bomber from "Cotton on", to a champagne gold trench from "Forever New", nude Pierre Cardin platforms, H twenty one khaki formal pants, pumpkin orange leather jacket and strapless stripe high low hem dress (it's from a place called Good Margin one of the many Asian shops here in Jhb, I can't afford Forever New everyday you know... even Alexa Chung admits to mixing lower end pieces with higher end ones, I have been guilty of that for a long time now;)

So, I have been browsing for ideas on what to wear...here are a few outfit combinations I love...

Yasmin Sewell
With the rainy weather we have been having in Johannesburg, almost 2 weeks now, this outfit will be perfect. I don't have the long boxy blazer but a short one. So I would swop the long for short and probably choose a lengthy top instead..or even a long cardigan to keep with this look.

Hijab style 1
I love this style. It will go wonderfully with the strapless dress I told you about. I will post pics of my own outfit combinations soon incorporating items I have told you about...

Hijab style 2
This style is easy to carry off and looks smart. Get out your nude heels, white washed blue skinny jeans, blush or nude knit top, chunky necklace to match, your style and choice of hijab with a statement clutch (I love long chain straps) and you are ready to go. 

Pleated skirt and T shirt

 This look echoes "style trend!". do you have a few garara style skirts or full flare evening skirts just sitting in your cupboard waiting for an occasion to wear it to? take it out and try it on with this style in mind...you might be pleasantly surprised.

Pleated skirt and knit top
I find long sleeved tops to be more dressy, but that's just me. So this style is in my opinion a dressed up version of the pleated skirt and T style above.

Hijab style 3
This look is very similar to hijab style 2. You can opt for a skater style dress and go monochrome.

More styles you should try...I can't wait to try them out...!

Try this style with your skinny jeans folded up and ankle boots or ankle cover gladiator sandals...

Cropped leather jacket and a full skirt..this is a classic style and never fails in the trend department.

Big Tip: You can create this using a sarong, pashmina or scarf and then stitch a rope, string, belt, ribbon etc to make the strap or just tie at back..I like the strap...then use leggings or jeans with an inner top and leather jacket to make it hijab friendly:)

I am definitely going to try this one, tag me on instagram if you have pics of yourself trying out the sarong style top...or any of these looks and I will include them in a future post.

Big tip: For this style, consider using a hip or knee length knit top and tuck the front in your pants and let the back hang out so you get cover that is still hijab friendly with some street style. You can then use fancy belts as an accessory or highlight piece.

Dian Pelangi

Dian Pelangi looks gorgeous in this high waisted skirt with a black blouse. You would need your hands free for this amazing style to lift your skirt when walking... As I don't have high waisted skirts as such, I would do this with skirts that have a particularly longer length and take it in at the waist to fit higher..so I don't have to hem the skirt.

Also try some of these styles:
# Long cardigans with long skirts belted at the waist.
# knee length tops or fitted dresses with full flare skirts..gives a mermaid skirt effect.
# mini skirts that are flared to wear over your pants like skants so you can wear short tops and still get cover that is hijab suitable.

Hope you enjoyed this post. I would love to hear from you...so be sure to drop me a line or enter your comments in the comment box. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram:) 

Make up basics to advanced coming soooooon..

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