How to Style your Abaya or Maxi!

Ramadaan is quickly approaching (Yippppee!) and many muslimahs will take to wearing hijab. Insha'Allah (Allah willing) they will continue wearing it even way after Ramadaan has left us. We all know hijab is not just about what you are wearing, it includes your conduct, the morals you adhere to and what you do.

Hijab also immediately reflects to those around us, primarily strangers, that we are Muslims and definitely distinguishes us from others. They will naturally lead others to a realization of our numbers. Islam is currently ranked the second largest religion in the world, but when you look around are baffled as to where we are.

I strongly believe, and this is purely my own opinion, hijab is also a key that will lead the Muslim Ummah to unity. If we can recognise each other, we can acknowledge each other and surely more Islamic relationships can ignite from this spark.

It also makes raising awareness on Islam alot easier, as strangers on seeing the hijab and due to a natural curiosity, approach you on their own, to enquire about Islam and it's fundamentals. You will be surprised by both how much others know at one end and how misunderstood Islam is on the other.

I wish to clearly state though that wearing hijab is definitely not an indication of the status of one's imaan...That knowledge is with Allah(SWT) alone. We must never forget the primary reason for wearing hijab which is ultimately for the pleasure of Allah (SWT).

I hope to make transitioning towards hijab easier and to add more versatility to the wardrobe of muslimahs who have adopted hijab and to negate excuses we use in the name of fashion to not wear one. Here are some ideas on how to dress up your abaya or maxi dress to get more outfit combinations....Feel free to save these pics for future reference on what to wear:)

Here are a few more random ideas for styling that abaya or maxi....

Denim Jackets are a classic and always in style, pair it with a slim maxi or flared abaya if your jacket is a tailored rather than loose fit.

Long cardigans are a muslimah's wardrobe staple, bright or nude colors, plain or printed- pair it with your slim cut abaya if loose and your flared abaya if more slim line to avoid being disproportionate. Alternatively wear a loose cardigan with your loose abaya belted at the waist before you put on your cardigan as per denim look above;)

Shirt dresses can be paired just like cardigans and be left open or closed with a belted waist.

Batwing sleeved abayas get an update with belts.

Faux Fur vests and gillets are fast becoming popular to pair with maxi and abayas- consider this your trend alert!

 Jazak'Allah for reading! Hope you enjoyed this post and have fun with choosing your combinations!

Look forward to more versatility with your maxi skirts and new hijab styles and tutorials coming soon, including Iridescence's new Catalogue scheduled for release after Ramadaan, a ridiculously easy recipe for Italian hot chocolate and lots more...Insha'Allah!

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