Lazy Post: Hijab Style Video Tutorials

Salaams and Hello All!

So, I decided to add another category called Lazy post...and this is entirely relevant to all of us who prefer to watch rather than read. I keep my written text to a minimum and you can view links that I would highly encourage you to watch:) 

I will still be doing step by step hijab tutorials though and definitely a you tube video for both hijab and makeup for ordinary woman who don't have an artist's collection of makeup and brushes. So definitely subscribe and thumbs up if you like any of my videos and I will most certainly continue to make more videos.

Here are 5 Videos I think you will love! Start exploring You Tube for more amazing tutorials... simply click on the links below e.g. for no.1 click on the words ombre effect scarf tutorial

1. Try out Dina Tokio's latest Ombre Effect Scarf tutorial

2. Hijab Hills promotion on Inayah scarfs with multiple hijab styles you could try with similar scarves,

3. How to wear an infinity scarf (remember you can create one by simply sewing up the two short ends  
    together) Dina Tokios 100 ways to wear an infinity this point, feel free to become a Dina 
    Tokio tutorial addict...haahaaahaaaaa..sorry that evil laugh is alot like hiccups for me.

4. A short and simple video on wearing Hijab with earrings.

If you have tried any of these styles, please tag me (#stylexplora) on Instagram with your pics. There are a lot of videos out there, but you have to sift the ones that will best reflect your personality and style and not take up too much time in the Insha'Allah I hope this post will be immensely useful to you.

Ha! you have read until this point!...So next post will be jam packed with incredible useful info:) ...Insha'Allah!

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