Lazy Post: Hijab Styles to try Now! Recommended videos and Trend Forecast

Hope you are all enjoying Ramadaan and making the most of everything it has to offer...May Allah(SWT) grant us all a truely uplifting Ramadaan....Insha'Allah!

I have a serious back log of designing and sewing at the moment (Alhumdulillah! Love what I do so much!) and between fasting, ibaadah, family and home, it's definitely a juggle...So I decided to do another lazy post that's quick and to the point:;)...

Here are a few more Video Hijab tutorials to view at your discretion...I would advise lowering the volume once the promo talk on where to buy your hijab is over and the actual tutorial begins, I prefer to keep it muted, as music has been included in some videos. Also adopt more neck coverage if necessary to maintain proper hijab. All styles can have a headband, piece, brooch, or jewellery added to complement. I usually do the tutorial step by step and then determine which is the best time to add the accessories.

Pay close attention to the fabrics of the scarves used including designs, so you can achieve the look as close as possible or purchase similar types or the original (if your so fortunate:) scarves instead of regret purchases that pile up in your wardrobe.

Tip: Make up little gift bags of good condition scarves no longer in use and gift them to the poor (be sure to let your kids join in, it will become their habit too)...I definitely think here in JHB, South Africa, an item to keep warm this Winter will be well received.

Here are a few videos that I have sifted out and given a thumbs up on: just click on the Links (highlighted text) below to view them...

Draped Hijab using a dupatta (square scarf/ shawl)- a simple, effective and elegant hijab style
that relies on the fabrics ability to drape well (use a soft chiffon, crepe or satin for best results)

Hijab styles 2014 part 1 by Shamshom Brunette -also check out part 2 and 3 if you have the time or skip to the ones below.

Alternative Hijab styles by Hijab Hills -Definitely a big fan of Hijab Hills, these looks are amazing and you will want to wear them often!

Shawl by VSNOW- cotton scarf -would take a bit of practice but worth trying for a special occasion.

Reversible Dupatta (rectangular scarf) tutorial by Al-Humeira Contemporary -a good tutorial for when wearing garments that are fitted or have a low neckline, where you would prefer more cover.

Wide shawl or Dupatta tutorial -one of my favourite tutorials, looks complicated and elegant but very easy to do, try this with an ombre shawl or rectangular scarf and it will take this look to the next level.

Everyday Hijab style-perfect for work -this one is by Hijab Republic, great for adding volume and easy to do.

Big Trend: As I have noticed of late both trending on the streets and in the media, scarves which are solid colours or only one colour in nude, stone grey, navy blue, khaki or bright colours (red, cobalt blue and neons) and generally in softer fabrics that drape well like chiffon, soft cotton and georgette are more preferred including animal prints combining neutral or bright colours. What I am expecting to see more of are tropical and floral prints, artist's messy palette or water colour palettes, hand dyed or tie dyed(ombre) and bolder prints be it arabic calligraphy or brush strokes...key colours wil be red, white, purple(lilac) or strong earthy colours. See pics below for an idea of colour or print trends.

Ultimately choose what suits you best, don't be a slave to trends, but do try something new every now and might be surprised by what you have been missing out on:)

 Artsist palette




Let me know which tutorial stands out in your mind the most, it's generally the one you can't wait to try. Personally, Hijab Hills and Shamshom stand out for me and of course the wide shawl as I love pleated styles. 

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Jazak'Allah as always for reading....

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