23 Psychological Lifehacks to give you an Advantage in life

Read my Life Hacks first and then read the 23 below....

My Life hacks:

1. Maintaining good posture at all times especially social situations automatically makes people think you are important and confident, you look taller, and it draws the attention of others towards you...you are positively magnetic!!! 
I have tested this theory numerous times myself and it has benefited me in areas I would like to be taken very seriously. It also says you are no push over. Try it...


Next Post will be dedicated to workouts that improve your posture. 

2. When you meet someone always approach them with a wide smile and make eye contact...that probably goes without saying...but alot of people forget to do this. This sets the tone of your conversation, smiling keeps conversations light and airy, so you can avoid talking about personal matters you don't wish to share. It also says that you care about the person with whom you are talking.

3. In any given conversation choose to listen first. If you want to be interesting, be interested. Being sincerely interested in what others have to say, gives the speaker importance and respect and in turns makes you respectable and admirable too. It also has the advantage of attaining the full attention of those around you when it is your turn to speak.  

4. Don't visit stores close to closing times on a weekend this includes Fidays and especially on Sundays (worse when it is close to or near Month end), unless you absolutely have to. Around these times you will most likely be met with tired grumpy store clerks, poor slow service, long queues, double charges, no packers at tilling points, you are likely to trip over a few mops and the best goods will ofcourse be sold out.  Best times for clothing stores is Thursdays just after 2pm, most chain clothing stores get their new stocks on a weekly basis on Thursdays.

5. Words to Inspire:

Now go ahead and read this....no 1. is also my no 2..but worth repeating(",)

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