Strawberry White Chocolate Tiramisu Recipe

Main meals are always appreciated, but dessert is waited upon. This Eid-ul Adha I wanted to make something different, and usually it involves making something better than what I made last or just unique (I'm a regular drama queen). It has to taste as good as it looks or for me, it's as pointless as fancy bakery biscuits all made from the same dough.

I have made tiramisu before but I came across a recipe for peppermint cottage cheese tart in the "You Let's Cook Top 500 recipes book"(which I highly recommend, found at most CNA's and bookstores) made with jelly and decided to use this as a filling for the Tiramisu, and swopped a few of the ingredients. 

I love this recipe, it's extremely versatile and delicious as it looks. If you want peppermint crisp tart, use tennis biscuits instead of boudoir as the crust and leave out layering, just pour the filling in, where you swop the white chocolate for peppermint crisp or peppermint aero chocolate. Also try slicing swissroll, laying it flat in a pyrex and the pour filling over and allow to set. Consider filling meringue cases/ make a pavlova, fill and top with fresh fruit.

Using Jelly to set the dessert is excellent as you can vary the flavour according to the jelly, I used Pomegranate in one layer and dragon fruit flavour in the upper layer, and it is sure to set. I have used halaal gelatine and china grass powder (both excellent), and have had instances when it didn't set too well (needed more time to sit), this is flop proof and a fail safe option for me.

I doubled the recipe as I was using a large cheese cover dome which I made stand on its handle over a smaller rectangular casserole dish for support, as I couldn't find a bowl with a stand or just a nice flat bowl without hollow sides.

Recipe: Strawberry White Chocolate Tiramisu


1 bag Boudoir Biscuits (also known as Lady fingers or sponge fingers)
2 tblspoons cocoa powder 
2 cups hot water
Strawberries (400 or 750 g pack, your preference)


1 packet jelly (80g) eg, moirs pomegranate, raspberry or flavour of choice
200ml boiling water
1 cream cheese tubs (230g each)
1 large tin condensed milk
250 ml fresh cream whipped (beat the cream first)
1 slab milkybar or dream white chocolate (leave a few pieces aside for decoration, about 3 pieces or more)


1. Spray with cook n spray or grease a Large tiramisu dish or clear bowl or dish of choice (preferably that holds atleast 1 litre of liquid)
2. Mix cocoa and hot water in a bowl wide enough to dip a boudoir biscuit one at a time. Dip boudoir biscuit one at a time in the cocoa mixture on the flat side, but donot soak or drench, leave other side dry. Line bottom of tiramisu dish,cut them if you need them to fit, then line the sides with the boudoir biscuits cut in half (I did 2 layers of the boudoir biscuit before I lined the sides with the half cut boudoirs as I used a really large dish). Sprinkle a little of the cocoa mixture on the flat layers.
3. Layer sliced strawberries over the boudoir biscuits.
4. Make the filling: 

Dissolve jelly powder in the boiling water, leave to cool slightly.
Add tin condensed milk and mix well. 
Stir the cream cheese till smooth in a bowl and then stir it into to the jelly mixture.
Now fold the whipped cream into the jelly mixture.
Add grated milkybar chocolate, stirring it in gently.
Filling is now ready.

5. Pour half the filling over the strawberries, then layer the boudoir biscuits again first flat over the filling and then on the sides, layer sliced strawberries, other half of filling. Chill. 
6. Decorate the top of the filling as desired before serving. I sliced strawberries in half and laid them over the filling, with the reserved white chocolate grated and placed in the centre, added some chocolate sauce around the centre strawberries, topped with a rose from my garden:)

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