I have seen alot of changes in hijab style lately. More modern yet minimalist approaches have made it's way through, but also elaborate and innovative designs leaning on fabric manipulation like, draping pleating etc.. The trend in diy style clothing has also picked up quite a bit and more Muslimahs are turning to designers to create their hijab appropriate garments from everyday casual wear to evening pieces incorporating new trends...trust me, I know..I have been creating alot of smart casual seperates lately and even doing entire wardrobe overhauls with some clients. 

I would not advise getting rid of all your clothes to make place for new ones though unless they have experienced some serious wear an tear. Truth is you need to learn the art of combining what you already have to create new outfits...clothing is expensive and buying new items will just put you back at square one with the need to overhaul again.

So lets Xplore new ways, combinations and styles and get you out of that box!

Look 1: The Jumpsuit

@mfasdullah/ Maryam in a lace cardi  with jumpsuit

Yuna Zarai
Indah Nada Puspita
  • I adore Jumpsuits, my initial opinion of them though was "grown up onesies like my kids used to wear", until the design style lines and cuts became more sophisticated, elegant and loose fitting, it became a must have item in my wardrobe. I have worn a jumpsuit with a maxi cardigan or coat and it is a great combo (see pic1), ups your style factor and is a unique take on wearing a jumpsuit. Pairing it with a lace cardigan or coat gives the jumpsuit some attention without taking away the hijab appropriate element, also try crepe chiffon or for texture and colder days a knit cardi. 
  • The other pics are examples of the evolution in jumpsuit design, ranging from draped to tailored. Pairing it with a tailored jacket or blazer, ups the oomph factor and adds to the modesty of it, so why can't you wear one again?
  • Alot of jumpsuits now come in modest designs with eg. peplums which you can look out for.
  • If you are concerned about tummy issues try a jumpsuit that has an elasticated waist with a top that has a longer length so it sits over the elasticated waistband...tada! you just nixed that issue...
  • Also try pairing it with a high-low hemlined shirt, you could also as an alternative knot it at the front, try a strapless dress, a gillet (longer length waistcoat), oversized coat...etc...have fun experimenting!
  • Scarf tieing: Click on the links:  
Style 1 with lace cardi: Knotted scarf tutorial
Style 2 with pleated wrap over jumpsuit: Winged hijab tutorial 
             For this look you will need to drape to get it right;)

 Look 2: Wide Leg, Pallazo and Harem Pants

Harem Pants


  • I don't believe I have ever done without wide leg pants, it's the easiest item to pull off and can be dressed up or down. 
  • Pair these cuts with loose fit tops tucked in or out, just be sure to wear heels if you are petite or opt for slightly more fitted tops for balanced proportions.
  • Also try long cardigans over a shorter fitted top tucked in (like a T or button down shirt), or long fitted/ tailored tops and dresses to wear over.
  • Here I paired my wide leg printed pair with a blazer and nude heels, to avoid the pj look;)

  • Scarf tieing: Choose simple styles that keep with the cool minimalist attitude of this look. Other simple styles to try:  
Style 1: Neat, simple and easy turban style with a ninja underscarf  Style 2: This is very similar to the Jumpsuit look 1 ...don't forget to knot the scarf after pinning at pic 5, softer scarves work best for drape styles

Look 3: 90's Grunge / Urban

@nabilabee/ Nabila Bee owning the 90's style
Dian Pelangi Modern Urban Style
Dina Tokio layering 90's style
Yuna Zarai
  • The 90's style is all about layering, so topping what you normally would wear with a jacket, shirt or sweat shirt tied around the waist or using a plaid shirt (print of the coming season) over would be channelling 90's without looking like you are in the 90's.
  • Incorporate 90's elements or trends such as overalls, crop Ts, fanny packs/ moon bags now called the belt bag with a design change and sent down the runway by Chanel, plaid prints, spaghetti strap dresses, ripped jeans, doc martins, denim overalls, slouchy sweaters, red lips, etc in a way that is more classy than the 90's era. Try these ways:

  1. pair maxi floral dresses with boot style shoes, the chunkier the better.
  2. wear the plaid print in skirts, pants, jackets, tops instead of boring flannel shirts.
  3. layer long shirts over sweaters , t's and tops.
  4. place a fancy fabric of your choice stitched to areas you want to rip on your jeans on the inside, to avoid exposure but get the 90's tortured...sorry I meant 'ripped' look...or wear leggings.
  5. not so keen on the 90's trend, just sport red lips and a loose sweater or layer your necklaces instead of your clothes.
  6. use a pinafore dress with pants instead of overalls or overalls with a jacket or wide leg pants.

  • For the modern urban approach, pair draped items into your ensemble, that would include a draped hijab style, a draped top, waistcoat, gillet, skirt or pants. 
  • Also consider items with a single distinguishing detail for modern urban, such as pleated and draped waist pants, or spiked shoulders on a jacket,T, or abaya, tassels, studs, or look for more angular sharp cuts or boxy styled items including leather and leatherette.
  • Modern Urban also celebrates more muted/ neutral tones and deeper colours like burgundy, berry, oxblood, black, stone,grey,taupe, nudes, metallics and white and the look is kept simple with minimal to no accessories.

  • Scarf tieing: for the 90's look try a bandana style, volumised hijab like Nabila bee and Dina Tokio, turban like Yuna Zarai or use your hoodie like Dian Pelangi (the hoodie top or all in one scarf and top is gaining popularity). For the Urban style, go as elaborate or simple as you like, simplicity is more in balance with this look, but elaborate styles draws focus to your scarf. Try these styles: 
Style 1: Nabilabee super simple and pretty turban tutorial    
Style 2: Voluminous hijab style by Saima
Style 4: Draped winged look with headband you may want to do some creative back cover by draping or use a fancy brooch at the back
Style 5 & 6: 

I have learnt many new hijab styles from simply experimenting. Practice makes perfect or in my case leads to new styles no ones done before that looks great too;) this be the end of issue 3...when I finally build up the courage I will do a video showing you how to create the new styles I know...Insha'Allah!

Enjoy playing around with these styles..practice practice practice. 

I hope I have inspired you, and you go on to inspire others....May Allah(SWT) grant us the ability to be the best of Muslims inside and out!

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