Fashion is highly transitory, moving from overly fitted garments to more boxy flowing items and then the convergence of both, to breaking the rules from wearing evening items as day wear to mixing prints. If there is any time to be you..it would be now...no time like the present! when things are constantly evolving and you can't seem to remember what is the new black? or whether diamonds are still a woman's best friend?... return to your element and Be yourself!

More designers are embracing individualism, and stressing on the importance of using their garments to express our own personal style and personalities rather than generic styles copied straight off the runway that lack soul, character and are devoid of any charisma. This be the year to celebrate being You-nique!

I went out on a whim and bought what I had been aching to make for months now. I had a nasty cold and we did a quick stop at the bakery to buy some dessert to take over to my cousins who invited us over for lunch...and there it was, in huge bold print: 50% off at COTTON ON....I could not resist, I love Cotton On apparel and that "on sale" sign was just baiting me.

I thought I would just browse, but then I saw kimonos and broke out in a happy fit, walking out with my favourite one...My new "ootd wardrobe staple" is none other than the "Kimono"
btw the sale was scheduled for the next day and the kimono ofcourse was new stock to which the sale did not apply...sob sob..

Here's what I paired my kimono with:

Look 1:
Skinny blue jeans (Chinese owned store in Fourways, will do a review of those soon)
Basic pink 3/4 sleeved T R69,99(pick n pay clothing) I like theirs, it sits lower than regular T's,
Pierre Cardin nude pumps R350 (Edgars) I have worn these repeatedly, 
Lengthy kimono R350 (ouch!)I'll get my moneys use out of it, expect a post on many ways to wear your kimono(",),
Black slouchy bag (the Hub Fourways) you should definitely have a soft fabric slouchy bag, it's a great casual element

Look 2:

This time I paired my kimono with one of my longer dresses and bootleg jeans with kitten heels. I mixed prints again playing with stripes and florals.

Striped jersey scarf from North Beach flea market (2 scarves for R100)
Mint green dress Hi Fashion Fourways Mall R180
Nude kitten heels Mr. Price R120

Broadacres Lifestyle Centre Nursery

Other ways to wear the versatile Kimono:

Over an abaya, tied up, playing with prints.....or
over a skirt outfit, and with a maxi dress...

Sincerely sorry for the poor image of my own hijab style in look 2..I will update it with a clearer one soon. Hope you enjoyed this post, would you like to see more of my ootd posts in future? are they inspiring you to try new trends and add your own personal touch? whatever it is, I would love to hear from you! interact with me by commenting below, via Instagram: Stylexplora, or Facebook: Waseema Abdool Khader or Google plus Waseema Abdool khader and I just might do a simple diy kimono tutorial so you can make your own no matter what level of sewing you are at.

Jazak'Allah as always for your support including reading and sharing my posts.

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