I studied at UberGlam designer training under an incredibly talented teacher and mentor Ms. Lelanie De Bruyn/ Jacques.  
I left with the ability to create items as I saw or designed them. This field is demanding, time sensitive, often high pressured and very much cut throat. You need to constantly evolve as a designer, learn and grow to not only survive but thrive.

Sounds a little scary, and thats exactly how you feel when you start, but as you progress, you develop new skills and with it, the confidence to move forward and face bigger challenges and transcend personal plateaus.

I started out with a fashion show hosted by Uberglam, showcasing items I had made in class and a few other items I wanted to try my hand at. 

I called my brand "Iridescence" out of a necessity to have a name for the fashion show, funny enough it's a word I heard whilst tuning the radio and it stuck with me, it became reminiscent of what my designs and I was like, back then. Heres the link to view the fashion show:
Iridescence Fashion Show

I have recently decided to change the name of my brand to WOW Couture and Makeup Artistry or World of Waseema to be more in line with the modest nature of the items I produce.

I progressed to creating items for myself and friends which clearly expressed my love for modest wear. Wearing my own creations proved to be great for marketing my brand so my business began to grow from there and so did my passion for creating Islamically suitable separates.

My first big challenge was when my client Janine Johnson requested 2 bridesmaids dresses. Evening wear can be challenging on an emerging designer, basic and advanced knowledge has to be manipulated to achieve the desired result.She knew exactly what she wanted, firmly expressed her belief in my abilities, was incredibly patient with me through my trial and errors, and a delight to work with. 

Each client differs with her unique style and taste, so you are tasked with various challenges. Below are the Bridesmaids dresses I created for her including a few work in progress pics.

Searching for clothes that are hijab appropriate or atleast modest was difficult and still is. I was annoyed with the lack of modest daywear available for Muslimahs, so I pursued my love for creating separates and smart casual ladies wear. This proved to be rewarding and I continued my personal journey into exploring Hijab styling and modest wear, which became public knowledge;) I then launched myself on every social platform I knew and had fun creating my own ads.

I learnt that in this age, people are inundated with info and standing out becomes almost impossible, but is sometimes as simple as being “you” and offering people what you “yourself” would love or “following your passion” ardently. Probably a lesson we are told by many but easier said than done. If you put more of what you love out there irrespective of any acceptance or praise, you eventually find (I said eventually, because you need to stick it out and keep at it, to see results) you attract people with similar choices, likes, or possibly influence others to love what you love, inspire and bring about change. 

Here are more items I created for various clients and often more than one of the same design.

I loved making all of these items and much more and I have been rather fortunate to have an amazing clientele with varied taste. One of my favourite clients and friend is Raeesa Sadik of Veiled beauty, she's an absolute darling and I love her blog classy and always on pointe! Wish you all the success Raeesa, I will always be rooting for you(",)

Check out the following links to view her blog:

I have also had the wonderful opportunity to work alongside models and photographers among them is Chloe Jessica Sizer and Dineo Mongae.

Chloe has been an absolute breath of fresh air and her photography is amazing. I was really sad to learn that she was leaving for the US and we had only just begun our friendship. She is still very much a friend and I have no doubt our paths will somehow cross again. Here are some pics of her brilliant work. Models are wearing clothing designed and created by me.

Dineo Mongae is a precious friend and model who stepped up to the plate to help me out at the fashion show modeling one of my garments. We have been friends ever since. I then did a collaboration with her and her model friends and photographers doing makeup for all the models for a photoshoot which included some of my designs. Here are some of those pics:

Pic of Dineo Mongae in my design

model wearing makeup and dress by me

Model wearing makeup by me and clothing by a featured designer

Model wearing clothes by me

Denim skirt and lace top by me

Wedding pics coming soon of a bridal gown for an amazing, down to earth bride and her bridesmaids:)

The above are just a few of the pics of work I have done and I am so excited about the future, Insha'Allah!

If you would like to enquire about my designs, or for a collaboration, please feel free to contact me on 
0837868177 or

I will gladly provide you with quotes on any items you would like to make. Enquire about the Winter Catalogue which will also incorporate Eid wear and will be out very soon.

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