I have been tooting my horn about taking Stylexplora to YouTube or vlogging my explorations, escapades and hijab styling tutorials for a while now, and almost did, and you have been patient. It's been one fashion designing project after another with bookings in advance, together with Uzairs escalating list of school requirements, madressa, and ofcourse my toddler Ishaaq (who could have a YouTube channel of his own) among other priorities, I've put the vlogging in my rear view mirror. 

I always keep my word though, so those videos will definitely be up soon. I have an important question to ask you first though....I would like to propose....Will you be my Subscriber???

Please join YouTube, it's super easy! I promise! and Subscribe to Waseema Abdool Khader on YouTube and receive my videos straight to your channel feed whenever I post one. Currently I only have my very first fashion Show 2011 with Uberglam, but alot more will be coming soon. Click here to get to my channel to subscribe

I would greatly appreciate your support, subscriptions, referral by word of mouth or social media and very much your likes. 

Why YouTube? 

When I started blogging, I did and still do it out of sheer enthusiasm and love about Fashion, Hijab, Health, beauty, lifestyle and Islamic topics and with a sincere devotion to inspiring you as much as I have been inspired by what I have learned, created, discovered or explored. I aimed to make a difference by passing on the knowledge that I have accumulated so that it would be beneficial to you as it is to me. This has and will always be my driving factor or prime focus. Knowledge really is power and it changes you, you do better, live better and prosper. Choose your knowledge wisely and it transforms you.  I believe that everyone deserves such an opportunity and knowledge should be shared.

The response that I received was overwhelming, and I have received numerous requests to conduct workshops, do house calls and host of other face to face opportunities (as meeting with you is an opportunity;) including personal shopping and hijab styling, then I was asked if I could do a video. More requests for videos came in and so YouTube seemed logical. 

If you have read my previous posts and it has made a difference to you, I hope you will support me now and take this leap of faith with me as I take Stylexplora to YouTube. Yes, I need you. This blog is successful because of "you!" and I have no doubt it will give others the confidence to shine bright as well, and share their knowledge too. Some gifts keep on giving...

Jazak'Allah Stylexploras for giving me the gift of your appeciation and time(",)!!!

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