A few days before my Birthday, my husband sent me an sms confirming a booking he had made with Life Day Spa Fourways at Design Quarter. He knows me all too well, so he booked and paid for it in advance knowing it was the only way to get me to go. 

I go on guilt trips from time to time, when I spend alot at a spa. I keep wondering how I could have used that money more wisely. I have been to numerous spas in Jhb, none of which I have been pleased with. One of my favourite spas Logique is located in Durban, Overport and  I was yet to find one that rivalled it until now!.

Truth is, I really needed some TLC and Life Day Spa at Fourways has me hooked! Let me tell you though, the only pitfall, is it's available to men too....luckily I didn't come across any...perhaps it was quieter then. You can keep your hijab on though, remove it for treatments.

Life Day Spa Fourways Foyer

In the pic above I am standing in the ladies change room entrance/ exit. To the left is the mens change room, in front of it is the rasul chamber and its shower and in front of that the mani station. Before the mani station is the reception area. To my left is an entrance to the treatment rooms. If you walk further down, at the end of the foyer is the spa pool and the flotation room. Use the stairs to get to the pedi station, coffee lounge and daybeds. 

Want more? Click on this link for the spa virtual tour...bare in mind you can do all of the treatments individually.

Ladies Change/ Shower room
In the mirror you can see large combination lockers, which are super easy to use and effective at keeping your precious items safe.

Hair Drying station

The reception and the spa itself is absolutely beautiful! When you arrive you feel like you have been transported to a place away from the concrete jungle, that is Johannesburg, where you can feel calm and at ease. What stood out most for me, is that the staff are friendly, welcoming and immediately take you on a tour through the spa to familiarise you with their rooms and the complimentary spa facilities, so you don't require any chaperoning or babysitting. 

Yes! I said Complimentary spa facilities! which are available to you with every treatment booked. I thought it was too good to be true or there must be a catch so I lost out...:( Complimentary spa facilities includes the following:
Use of the- 
Steam Room
Swiss shower
Indoor heated pool (carry a costume)
Rasul Chamber- A middle Eastern Mud Ritual based on the Turkish bath, you are given a body scrub and clay body mask to apply and then enjoy a rain like shower.
Flotation therapy- one session equates to 4hours of undisturbed sleep, I didn't get to see this one as someone was already making use of it.

The Rasul Chamber
Okay get over it!, I know the pessimist in me lost out, but I'll catch it next time!;)

By the way, I met my spa attendant  Anneke Jansen, almost walking into the men's change room.lolll I have dubbed myself Queen of embarassing situations!... I was heading toward the Rasul Chamber and thought it was next door, too preoccupied with getting pics for you guys..hehe, I took the wrong turn.  Anyways Anneke, I could see wanted to burst into laughter but restrained herself like a professional...We got chatting quite a lot and I definitely have a new friend:) If you ever visit Life Day Spa, ask for Anneke, she is great at what she does;)

My treatment was a luxurious candle massage and a signature pedicure without the nail varnish ofcourse, but still soo worth it. My muscles felt more relaxed and my feet soft. I had neglected my feet to the point that I had cracked heels, which I had never done before, so having soft feet again was such a relief. 

The Pedi Room

For my 60 min massage treatment, massage candles are lit and melts to a warm massage oil. This is then massaged according to whether you want a deep, medium or soft massage. I chose deep all the way. 

The Signature pedicure is exactly that, their signature! Your feet are exfoliated with a scrub, your nails buffed, dry heels and toes gently filed, and my favourite.... the Caviar like treatment that intensely hydrates your feet while soaking in hot water. The signature salts expand and swell with the water to resemble caviar and get in between your toes too...quite the experience, fun to watch Anneke Jansen dispel the swelling...shhh, I'm not going to tell you have got to try it!

Enjoying my signature pedi

You also get complimentary tea or coffee and muffins, relax on their gorgeous day beds, and I got to take home an oil know who, I am going to use that on....Ok, stop those naughty minds and click on the link below to see their treatments on offer.

Life Day Spa Fourways

Day beds on the patio

Coffee lounge

Friendly staff

Coffee Lounge alternate view

Remember to book the complimentary facilities atleast the day before your treatment so you can pitch up an hour early and take advantage of them!

The spa offers Le Praire, Optiphi (created to suit South African skin) and Nimue treatments and sells quite a few popular products too. I bought a brilliant product which Anneke suggested and I am completely amazed with the results, so a post on that coming soon:)


I really want to try the Le Praire facial or the Optiphi Skin rejuvenation peel with micro dermabrasion next and will definitely include before and after pics.

Love and Spa days.....



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