So Ramadaan is just around the corner, Alhumdulillah!...I cannot wait! I love Ramadaan, it's not an easy month for Believers, but it's exactly what our soul craves in this fast paced, ever-evolving world, and it comes when we really need it. Every bit of your time becomes special and you have to slow down and take cognisance of how you spend it. Your zest for Islamic knowledge is renewed, and you try your best to take full advantage of this beautiful month.

We all want to make the most of it, and focus on our ibaadat rather than food or shopping for Eid.  I always refused to shop for Eid until it was a few days before, alot to do with counting my chickens before they hatched, I guess, coupled with that guilty conscience of premature celebration. Then, come a few days before Eid and I'm trolling all the local malls, in very limited time, as I still have to get back to sewing Eid outfits for "clients".  Lo and behold I have taken valuable time from Ramadaan to go shopping...grrr...This year I'm planning ahead, come what may, Allah knows best....and so should you!

Take time off now before Ramadaan and buy your Eid outfits, or kids outfits, prezzies and decor. Just to inspire you, I have put together some outfit ideas that you could use and expand on and use at your discretion. Look at the basic idea that each outfit presents so you can customise it to suit your wardrobe.

Eastern Influence!

Eastern dresses are fast gaining popularity again and with the indulgent colours, heavy embroidery, bead and wirework and more modern cuts its a go to for occasion wear. Check out Le Dalia Boutique on Instagram for amazing eastern wear at affordable prices. 

For statement necklaces, gorgeous jewellery including Cazabella, volumisers, scarves and Silk Route Casual abaayas that are stunning and affordably priced, check out  Click_to_Shop. ClicktoShop is a proud Sponsor of the Stylexplora Scarf Styling Workshop....you will be hearing alot more about them from me soon. 

SOWSAN SCARVES are constantly updating their gorgeous range of scarves and offer more than just scarves but gorgeous modest maxi dresses and kimonos too...with excellent service and Quality you can really trust! They are a proud Sponsor of the Stylexplora Scarf Styling Workshop! So much more coming up on SOWSAN! Don't forget to check them out at the Eid Shoping Festival in Jhb.

Fellow Blogger Love! Check out Veiled Beauty's  review on the SOWSAN Maxi dress

Shades of Blue!

From dip dye, hand dye and ombre....colours are no longer flat but tonal and 3D. Geometric and abstract prints are still going strong and says modern with minimal effort. Trust SOWSAN SCARVES to provide you with on trend prints and colours to suit every outfit.

Painting the town Red!

Red is the colour for some serious fashion cred...if you have never worn this colour before, there is no time like the present...Start humble!...add elements of red, try a red scarf cap, jewellery, or clutch. 
Peplum tops are still a firm favourite as it flatters all bodyshapes. Invest in a mocha, bronze or gold tone scarf to be on trend for both this Winter and Summer 2015. Don't you just love the ring clutch??

Aztec Print!

Aztec prints are so versatile and readily available, so you will never have a mismatched print day ever again....unless that is what you are going for;). Colour blocking for more colour play, SOWSAN SCARVES Aztec print to take not only your Eid outfit to the next level but your street style too!

Mixing prints are still big right now, so go for repetitive prints that are small and/or close together and mix it with larger less busier prints that are more spaced out eg, small stripes with a few big flowers or spotty polka dots with large stripes or large flowers. If you are ever in doubt, look to the Queen of Prints : Mary Katrantzou

Here are a few ideas on how to mix and incorporate prints for Eid or any other day:

Pattern Mixing

Boxy Black Top!

Modern cuts are more boxy, and I love this Boxy dress with a mix of soft leather and a slimmer cut, skinny jeans or tailored pants. Proportions is key for any outfit, pairing a loose top and loose pants or skirts can look frumpy so opt for tailored bottoms with bigger cut tops. For this look you could go for a pop of colour in your shoes instead and keep your scarf in beige or black. 

Gatsby Inspired!

A modern twist on a retro look, Gatsby inspired outfits are exciting and glamourous. Take this outfit to the MAX mixing up with SOWSAN SCARVES ultra soft and flowy batwing kimono or cocoon cardigan as most of you know it. I am so impressed with this kimono, I would strongly suggest you get one as soon as you can. It is such a beautiful and versatile piece, that you could wear with jeans, dresses, skirts, belt it brooch it and throw over when you want to read Salaah. It is modest and elegant and so comfortable to wear and unlike other kimonos stays put and doesn't fall off your shoulders. Look out for my ootd featuring the SOWSAN kimono. 

Royal Emerald!

Team green with purple for colourblocking and accents such as amethyst jewellery or purple stones, and headpieces to go with your scarf.
The Shirt Dress!

The shirt dress is a new staple to the rest of the world but Muslimahs around the globe have been donning it as a jacket, pairing with their abayas, or just wearing it with jeans, pants ad even skirts. This is another versatile piece, but opt for shorter hemlines if you are petite.


One of my no. 1 sellers is the tulle skirt. It's a compliment collector! It has a timeless elegance to it and comes in array of colours, black being the most popular. Team your tulle skirt with pastels, sequins, prints of the season or textured tops like lace, suede,or even a chambray shirt, then accesorize and this is your "it!" outfit. 

Pink Pop!

Take any of your previously worn evening dresses and don a suitable cropped leather jacket, paired with bright coloured shoes and you have an entirely new look. Also try it with your abaayas, garara skirts etc.

Colour Blocking!

Colour Blocking is still very much a scene stealer and the outfit above is one of my favourites as its dressed up but also fun to wear. Wear coloured scarf caps and you tie the whole look together...get all sorts from SOWSAN SCARVES...CLICK HERE FOR THEIR INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT

Love the filigree ring from Zibastyles!

I know you ladies have been waiting eagerly for my feedback on the Scarf styling workshop and I will cover that shortly and Insha'Allah with an announcement for the Durban Workshop I am planning. I can tell you though, that it was a "Smashing Success!"

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