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I know not all of you are on social media, with our hectic lifestyles, it's hard enough to keep pace with family, work and household but I sincerely thank my wonderful friends and supporters for checking back with this blog regularly for new posts.

The above is one of my YouTube Videos out now (Yippppeee!) and is a teaser on how to use the gorgeous magnapin accessories. The uses for magnetic pins are quite honestly numerous and I would need to do another post or video soon to showcase those....hint hint.

I had the pleasure of being contacted by Maryam of Magnapin accessories during the time I was reviewing sponsors for my first scarf styling workshop. I swooned over the pics of the magnapins she sent me. Maryam was ever so kind to send over a gorgeous set for my personal use. I was so excited to be holding those gems in my hand, even more so for her customised handmade flower magnapins.

I have been using them ever since, and the compliments donot seize. Here's a little more on magnapin accessories....

"Every modern Muslimah knows that a trendy outfit needs its own perfectly matched hijab to give her an elegant look. But there is nothing worse than a damaged hijab, laddered, torn or wih holes from all the pinning needed to create that perfect scarf style and keep it in place. Magnapin magnetic scarf pins offer a revolutionary solution for hijab styling. The pins function with an extremely strong magnetic backing to keep hijab set without damaging delicate fabrics. They hold well on any kind of fabric and come in a large range to cater to any style, modest or flamboyant, small and large, matte and bling, colours and neutrals.
Simply tie your hijab according to preferred style, slide off the magnet from the rhinestone, place the magnet under the first fabric layer and the stone on top. You're all set to go!
Contact Magnapin Accessories for your magnetic hijab pin today on"

Magnapin also offers custom made designs which is unlike any other magnetic pin distributor, to suit your outfit, occasion and use. They have recently created statement Jewellery with their handmade flowers and it's up there with Vintage! go check their Instagram account: Magnapinaccessories Instagram for regular updates on their new products and offers. You will love their friendly service!
A brilliant Giveaway is in the planning and and you donot want to miss out!

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