Any hijabi will tell you it's easier to dress in Winter...Summer is a whole other challenge! You want fabrics that are cool yet breathable and non transparent so you can avoid layering.....oh and "with sleeves please".

It's rare to find long tops and dresses with sleeves that aren't sheer..and when I do...I want to know how many colours I can get it in. I do have the advantage of being able to sew what I want, but often don't have the time. Despite the lack of Modest wear...I still love shopping;)

This outfit combo is my go to!

Scarf: Lace, pleated kashkha Laila Couture Fordsburg ( I got it at the Eid fair a while back)
Scarf band: Sowsan
Shirt: Mr. P
Pants: H-twenty one jeans (90% cotton)
Necklace: gold leaf Checkers Hyper
Watch: Swatch
Wedge Sandals: Jet
Bag: LV
Inner: Moondrops (Durban, Overport) couldn't skip it's a white has the largest selection of inners I have seen one shop carry!
Gold belt: WOW Couture

When I want a change, I just swop my shoes, bag, scarf and wear the shirt in another way....tucked in at the front, skip the belt or try another..and the options are endless.

I love this White shirt, because it is a loose fit but has some shaping and has a longer back. Shirts are my staple...I even wear them over dresses and jumpsuits like a jacket and with skirts..the looser fit offers more versatility. A white shirt is a perfect addition to a capsule wardrobe for the budget conscious (who isn't these days?!)

It was really hot when I wore we were running for shade when my highly esteemed photographer(ahem my hubby) took these random pics...Thanks Hun!  It was a relief to be wearing a cotton shirt and mostly cotton pants...

This one is definitely a selfie;p
Right now, the trend in lace scarves are running riot and this one from Laila Couture is really gorgeous!

 At the Home stuff store at Brightwater Commons...

Last seen in this OOTD at the Industry Bakery...:)


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