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I know! it's been a while since I last Blogged! But I'm going to skip the excuses and otherwise very "Legit" reasons and go straight into this post. I have been wanting to curate new hijab outfits as per your request, for a while, so here goes...the following are some of my favourites, trending, or just plain gorgeous hijab style looks and ideas you can easily recreate in your own special way!


Denim is hotter now than it was yester year!
I recently had the opportunity to style clothes for Legit stores in Gauteng, and their "Made to denim!" Campaign was awesome!

They had me patching, blinging, lacing and braiding their denims, all pluses in the denim trends. The whole idea was to move toward personalising and cutsomising your purchases...and thereby celebrating individuality.

Ripped hemlines are all the rage and you can do them yourself.... Click here: How to rip your denims Diy

The ripped Denim trend is still vey much in! Just be sure to check that holes are patched under, like above. Avoid overly ripped looks though...they can border on tacky and homeless;)

Above and below are the asymmetrical or one sided slit tops that have been trending lately. Slits in general are larger than life...on dresses going from floor to high waist, on skirts at both sides till above hips and even on jackets and abayas. They give you a chance to show off other pieces like printed pants, ripped denims, textured skirts and lace slip dresses worn underneath.

P.S. I seem to notice alot of hijabis wearing the same type of outfits today, almost robotic. There is hardly any innovation or imagination put to use with the exception of a few. Ladies, be proud of who you are, you can follow trends but wear it your own way and in a way that best suits your personality! If you have an unusual stance on fashion, remember that makes you unique! not weird!

The trends I discuss are to assist you guys to create more combinations out of what you have, to open your minds to other possibilities, to better spot items worth investing in and to streamline your spending on clothes and take the hassle out of "What do I wear today?"

Ofcourse, the above look can be adapted for Muslimahs by lowering the hemline, opting for holes to be patched and wearing a loose hijab and sweater. The White shirt is a classic and you can never go wrong with this multifunctional piece from wearing it under or over as a jacket or 3rd piece...it is timeless with a pair of denims.

Extra length sleeves have been spotted on the runway and on the streets of both New York, Milan and Paris Fashion weeks. Sequins and bling are paired up with more relaxed pieces like denim, palazzos, and flaired dresses and skirts.

Asymmetrical looks are hypnotising as they draw the eyes down those brilliant design lines.

Satin Robes anyone? the next big trend! but I'm pretty sure we got it covered as Muslimahs in the open abaya department (wink wink)....In terms of details, embroidered pieces are making a huge comeback from clothes to accessories.

Tie up shoes, sneakers and chokers are still running strong together with off the shoulder looks and sleeve details. These are not the easiest trends to pull off as a Muslimah. We still have to maintain cover and inners and underscarves are excellent solutions.

A very rare combination that works wonderfully for hijabis as worn by Basma K above.. An asymmetrical slit dress worn with a skirt instead of pants....

Sohamt in white sneakers and an overall.... Pinafores and overalls are a current fave.... Basic designs in solid colours can be worn for years to come and printed patterns should be kept classy by using stripes, Aztec,  polka dot, houndstooth and plaid to name a few that are timeless.

Floral print dresses, floaty skirts and bright hues will always be a plus in Spring and Summer..if you are small built, or petite.... Opt for smaller prints closer together to avoid the print visually overpowering your small frame. Slip dresses are coming in all textures and patterns... And like with any trends....get them cheap or forget about it;)

Slip dresses in looser fits can easily be worn over inners and under smart or casual outer pieces that are thin and light like lace, chiffon and cotton.

I love the dress and sneakers trend, I know all busy women relate;)

Whatever you wear.... I hope you feel beautiful, happy and enthusiastic to power through your day...

Next on the blog I review my new hauls, and age old recipes tried, tested and handed down from family to family. Don't forget to subscribe to get immediate updates. ;*

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