I don't think any of us can get past or even digest President Trumps current banning of travellers from the following majority Muslim countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia,  Syria, Yemen and Sudan for 90 days and new refugee admissions for 120 days into the "United" States of America with Syrian refugees banned indefinitely.

Dubbed #Muslimban with #nobannowall #nohatenofear #muslimswelcomehere going viral across media, it is clear that the world will have none of it as mass protests were organized at airports across America, major landmarks, with the same hashtag slogans. Many Hollywood celebrities too have shown their support against the ban.

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Protesters gather at airports

Let's face it, signs of Qiyaamah have long since manifested, so I am not going to even go there...Except for maybe to mention this...Is there even a tv series out there, that doesn't at some point brainwash the public about Muslims while simultaneously telling you that that same sex relationships are acceptable and normal...

What are you going to do? How do you make a stand? What are your thoughts on this ban? Will you only think about it when your number is up?

It is crucial now more than ever, to preserve our identity as Muslims and I have said this before...don't blend in dear. Wear your Islamic Identity by the way you dress, the way you treat others (treat the poor as you would the rich, the unknown as you would the famous, see no distinction,  Allah(SWT) does not and this is the gift of Sunnah...peace and blessings upon our beloved Nabi), your mannerism, the division of your wealth or earnings.

Keep up with your salaah (it is a gift to your soul, why do you deny yourself one of the greatest gifts given to the ummah), make your home one in which the Quraan is recited beneficial knowledge and set out to make a difference! Imagine if we all did this...the state of Muslims would be powerful, magnetic and aspirational to say the least. I can't even begin to tell you about the light that would enter your home, your soul, your hearts, everything would be affected.

Why so many Muslims these days prefer to follow what is not beneficial to us, is our love for dunya, if we nurtured our love for the akhirah just as much...we would lead by example...Fashion too has been coming around to our corner with men's cropped pants  (previously laughed at, if worn above the ankles) now a staple and so cool and modest dressing labelled classy and timeless. You were cool before cool!

You have in your hands the power to help shape our future, the future of our children..Pass on deen to them in such a way, that they are better than you, and will aspire for their children to be better than them. This is how you give back!

This is how we systematically eradicate the brainwashing of media and re-educate the world about what Islam really is all about! Don't play victim, don't take on labels, just be better Muslims everyday, so others will not be able to take their hearts of us!

Tell me how you feel...leave your comments below or e-mail me:

P.s. I am no saint, I battle my nafs everyday just like you...but it gets easier...when you keep at it;* May Allah guide us all! Ameen

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