Hey Guys! So this is an old post that I've decided to publish because it was due to be published before my phone was stolen with all the pics I needed for this post...  And many of you had enquired what the results of using Nimue were...

If you missed the part about where I won a Nimue hamper from Rubybox for me and a friend...
read up here--->My Rubybox Reveal

I have been using the entire pack for a month, and happy to report that I didn't run out of the products until the 5th and 6th week. As a muslimah, I obviously wash my face often due to wudhu thus necessitating reapplying the products a few times a day, so for it to last this long...impressive.

This is my verdict about the Nimue skincare based on real results. As you know, my skin was breaking out and dry...not very badly, but enough to get me to notice and start taking it alot more seriously than I already did.

In the first week, I was getting used to applying the toner with a gauze and night cream...I am particularly lazy at applying night creams religiously night after night but I did, and I missed at most 3 nights. The Gauze was also an issue for me, it rolls up when you applying the toner to your face. I thought it was the best thing ever, but I think a thicker gauze or few layers would be better or one which is more dense with fewer holes,  but then it wouldn't be a gauze.. Lol..

The conditioner tonic or toner, is a spray on application, which you spray onto the gauze and you can literally see the toner swiping through the gauze, which felt like a waste of good product. I would place the gauze on my palm to avoid wastage and then apply what was left on my hand.

I loved that none of the products have any scent, which is great for skin that is easily agitated by perfumes in skincare.

I found the day cream a little too thick for my liking, but it was hydrating. I am particularly fond of the SPF 40 in a tube. I would skip the day cream and just apply the sunscreen as it was so moisturising. It's also absolutely important to use the Spf40 once you start using the active lotion.

Does it work? Yes yes yes, 1000 times yes! Nimue skincare is amazing, even if you don't get all of the steps from cleanser to night cream.

I strongly recommend their cleansers, which leave your skin feeling fresh and awakened without the tight, too squeaky clean feeling (you know the kind that strips the skin of its natural oils). However if your personal option in cleanser works for you, stick with it.

Next, I recommend the night cream and chemical exfoliator as a must! these are what really give you results. You will see more hydrated skin in the morning, brighter, smoother (texture is dramatically improved), pigmentation or dark spots lighten up.

After 4 weeks of using the complete skincare, my skin was now ready for phase 2. I scheduled my complimentary active rejuvenation facial with my cousin Farhana, who also used  the Nimue Skincare at the Laser Beautique in The Zone at Rosebank (also coincindentally located in phase 2 of the I thought as it was complimentary, it would probably be a very basic rushed facial, but now I truly believe that Nimue doesn't do anything halfway.

The facial was an hour long and amazing. It included all the bells and whistles of a luxury facial from cleansing, toning, exfoliating, a facial and head massage, use of an active rejuvenating lotion and my favourite the collagen mask which was placed after the active lotion and a layer of gauze. My therapist was excellent, her name is Shaista. Shaista explained how it doesn't matter how much water you drink, you facial skin is prone to dehydration and always receives less hydration, which only increases with age. So we require products to target hydration.

It's was then a few weeks after my facial and my skin is continued to improve, Alhumdulillah! I received my complimentary active lotion which is to be applied every alternate night. I also purchased the orange serum which I apply day and night after cleansing and toning. Even if you don't buy any of the other above items, save up and buy the serum ( I paid R750....worth every cent..I havn't seen my skin look or feel more hydrated, even after nights of little sleep), exfoliator, night cream and the active lotion, and if thats too much then just the active lotion and serum and be sure to exfoliate.

The serum works on a nano technology delivery system.

Pick your colour! A serum for each skincare concern...
Ask your nearest stockist for the starter kit to purchase, that's tailored to your skin type and conditions. if you have any me: or leave your comments below. I absolutely love hearing from you!

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