Imagine if there was a miracle, magic making, quick fix or pill, to get in shape super fast and it was Islamically acceptable. Most of us would get on that right away! right?

Who doesn't want to fast forward from pain, frustration and sadness, to wanting extraordinary results with minimal effort and in the shortest space of time. We say we don't have time, when in fact with all the time we have, we live less each day.

Breathe! Live! Stop every once in a while and remind yourself that the moments you want to fast forward, is life. The hard work, sweat, tears and sacrifices you put in to get results,  that changes you in a way that quick fixes can't. The kind of changes we all need, that make us unstoppable, inspired, passionate, people of substance and much more. Your processes are just as important as those undergone by diamonds.

The arch Duke Joseph diamond

"From the time the diamond is transformed from a rough stone into a gem set in an item of jewellery, it has lost half of its weight."

Consider the weight you lose along the way, whether physical or things you needed to let go. You go through it to shed defeat, insecurities and other negativities that weigh you down in life.  You hear it repeatedly, that life's about the journey not the destination...maybe it's time you begin to see that even the journey has its rewards.

I'm crazy about working out! I am not a fitness champ or accolade winning fitness trainer, I'm just a mum with a strong desire to be my best. I am also absolutely sure, that you too want to always be at your best. Let's face it workouts take time and with our fast paced busy lifestyles, if not the last thing on our minds's probably not on our mind at all.

So this post is dedicated to the one workout that changed everything for me.

I got back from my year end holidays, feeling heavier and alot more tired. It wasn't a new year resolution to get fit and healthy again, I had to. Holiday period junk combined with inactivity or very little of it made me feel like staying in bed longer, not exactly a good thing if you are going to miss Fajr.
I even created this original meme below dedicated to how I was feeling... I think most of my Instagram followers thought it was a pin...

Then I experienced one of the worst cases of food poisoning to really push me out the door. My motivation in general was just slipping away. I was losing time. Feeling tired and sluggish was just not on. I had to clean up my act, and get my head back in the game.

I decided to try out one of my video workouts that I hadn't done in a while.

Here's the link:
A Jillian Michaels workout...Jillian Michaels: No More Trouble zones circuit

Start with the warm up and do all of the circuit's with the cool down.

All you need is a mat and your dumbbells. I use 2 kg dumbbells, you can use more or less if you like. I did the workout twice a week.

This workout will target all your problem areas, believe me when I say...the results speak for themselves. Flatter tummy, sculpted arms, oblique definition, lifted chest, better posture, slimmer stronger legs, even targets your back ....Woah! I was amazed at the results in just the second week. If you are a beginner, I suggest doing only a quarter to half the workout if you can manage, then build up after 2 weeks to a little more. Keep with it though.

I guarantee that if you keep going and do it with good form, you will be surprised by how effective this workout is. I'm all about fewer effective moves, than zombi repetition of ineffective moves with poor form. When you have limited time, you want to do what is effective and will get you results in the shortest time possible! I'm at my goal weight now, I feel freakin awesome! That feeling is sooo worth it!

Ultimately, you need to move! Celebrate movement, be thankful for your body instead of criticising it. If it's not this workout then find what works for you and do it, it might be running, swimming, kickboxing, paintball, treetops, Avalanche, tennis, volleyball...there's so much...something has to tickle your fancy. Everything is hard at first, you know this, and it doesn't get easier, you just get a whole lot better!

Moving your body should feel good, and the more you move, the better. You can do so much more when you feel good in your skin, and time becomes less of a tyrant and more of an ally,  and suddenly you don't want to fast forward,  you want to pause and enjoy!

I leave you with powerful words by Yasmin Mogahed ...


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