Recovering from a hectic work week, followed by a working weekend, and with just days to go to finally open my online store Stylexplora, I am thoroughly BEAT!

I can't believe the amount of rain following that weekend ...Alhumdulillah, SubhanAllah and indeed AllahuAkbar!

It was a fantastic weekend with the Stylexplora team! Fashion shoot done and dusted! I'm still in complete disbelief! I was stressing about the weather for the shoot, as news of Cyclone Dineo did its rounds and the venue constantly revised and changed. The day for the shoot approached and it was cloudy, sunny, and for the most part...a really hot day, and my clarity on the venue clearer than the day! Everything went far better than expected! Alhumdulillah!

I had  the pleasure of working with astute modest models, focused and dedicated to their work, and cannot wait to reveal both my line and my gorgeous ambassador. It's no easy task for models to change into more that 10 outfits per model, with the heat bearing down, hijab styling in the mix, and do a shoot of each outfit within a limited time with the photographer. I greatly appreciated their ability to work independently, as I combined my roles of stylist, make-up artist, hijab stylist and shoot coordinator. I am definitely going to include a post in future for a successful photoshoot, should you ever find yourself in the same position.

For  now though, I could do with the super power of a couch potato! Yes! I'd like the ability to sit and chill and not have annoying feelings of guilt over being unproductive. I have issues!....but cooking isn't always one of them;)...so here's a great recipe for Chicken Quiche:*

I've been making this one since high school...if you want it banting friendly...leave out the pastry crust and go crustless. You can also swop the chicken for tuna, salmon, steak, or veges. Excuse the blurry image, I had to capture a shot from my video of the quiche coming out the oven, because I forgot to take a pic. I made this one for my mum.

Chicken Quiche:



1 cup flour
5ml salt
120g butter/ margarine 

Rub above together till crumbs,

1 egg beaten slightly
3 tblspoon grated cheese
Quarter cup ice water
1 tspn lemon juice 

Add cheese to flour mix, then the beaten egg. Make a well in the centre off the flour mix and add the water a teaspoon at a time till you form a soft, pliable dough that is not sticky. I use my Kenwood food processor for the whole method.

Roll out your dough, in one direction (pastry works well this way!;)... grease your large round cake tin or glass casserole dish, and press the dough in. Use a knife flat, to trim round the edges of the dough that sticks out, and pierce dough with fork.


Half onion, grated or processed
125ml butter/ margarine
Half green pepper (optional)
3 chicken fillets (500-750g) cut into cubes
Quarter tspn ginger garlic 
2 eggs,
62ml fresh cream/ nestle dessert cream
62ml fresh milk
Half cup grated cheese
Pinch of mixed herbs
salt and pepper to taste
Chilli powder 

Saute onions and green pepper in the butter. Cook till soft and then add chicken, with ginger garlic, salt, pepper and chilli powder to taste. Cook till tender. Beat egg, cream and milk together. Add the herbs to the milk mixture. Fill the pastry with the chicken mix, then pour over the milk mix and cover with cheese and more mixed herbs.

Bake at 200 degrees Celsius for 30mins or till golden. 
Cut into slices and serve warm.

Kick it up a notch and try Amina's wonderspice in chicken tikka...love it mixed with a bit of yoghurt to marinate the chicken, you can then leave out the spices and salt. I even coat lamb chops with this marinade, their chops marinade is just as amazing! in fact marinated chops with this quiche and some veges on the side is a great meal.

Enjoy! Let me know how it turned out;)

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