Food: Polka Dot Top Deck Cake

I got a number of requests for this cake on pinterest, bbm, twitter and facebook. It tastes delicious and looks great too. The sponge is soft and moist and I love the contrasting colour icing...


Vanilla sponge:  makes two 20cm round cake tins
150g butter or soft margarine
3 extra large eggs  
200ml milk
1 tsp vanilla essence
2cups cake flour
2,5 tsp baking powder    
Pinch salt
1 cup castor sugar

MIX margarine or butter, eggs, milk and vanilla essence.    
SIFT cake flour, baking powder, salt and castor sugar over marg/butter mixture.
BEAT batter for 1 min or until well blended.
POUR half the batter into one of the prepared cake tins.
BLEND 25ml cocoa with 1 tblspoon Or more hot water... and add to batter to make chocolate sponge, POUR into other cake tin.
Bake at 180 degrees for 30mins.
Decorate with butter icing.

Butter icing:

150g butter/marg
900ml icing sugar
1 tsp vanilla ess

Beat butter, add icing sugar a little at time while beating, add essence.

Make chocolate icing with half of the icing. MIX 5tsp cocoa with 4tsp hot water and add to the icing.

Place vanilla or choc sponge at bottom and ice choc on vanilla sponge and vanilla icing on chocolate sponge,
Sandwich together, add milky bar buttons to the sides to create polka dot and grate choc on top.

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