Saturday, 31 December 2016


So this Review is coming after numerous requests!

About a year back,  I developed acne as a result of an allergic reaction to a well known makeup brand's ingredients.  Everything I used would help for a while and then the effects would readily wear out... It was frustrating!

I was patient though, ... Trying out all sorts of remedies with you guessed it! little to no luck.

Weeks later via an Instagram giveaway I had organised, Afshin of Platinum skincare steps in to the rescue. She sent the following to me from her Platinum Skincare range to try out after having spoken to me and knowing my skin concerns...1x Glutathione pills 1x vitamin C soap, 1x Platinum Sepiwhite night cream developed by a dermatologist.

I'm a huge skeptic, I was reluctant but willing to give it a try after some research ofcourse.

She assured me that I would see results in about a week,  with the best results over a month of use. The fact that the results would be slow and not immediate, made me confident that it is in fact, a treatment and not a bleaching product.
I gave the FDA approved glutathione pills a try as well. It is an IV treatment in a pill and gave me loads of energy. I also started applying the night cream and using the soap. As my skin dries out very quickly, I wasn't too keen on the soap, but gave it a try nonetheless... It was not drying like most other soaps, and I used it alot. The soap is almost done for... Lol..

I'm not always consistent, (as you all very well know with my occasional blogging) so taking pills everyday, without skipping was very difficult. I honestly wish I had continued, till the bottle was done, so I could accurately report my results on them. I will definitely give it a try again. According to Afshin, you should take the pills for atleast a month to start seeing the difference in your skin. I loved her honesty and passion from the get go, and the fact that her skin glows, just made me want to believe in her products.

Platinum Sepiwhite night cream claims to treat Pigmentation, Scars, blemishes, acne, acne scars, anti aging, under eye dark circles, sun burn, wrinkles and uneven skintone. An all in one cream? when shops are selling us a seperate product for each skin is this possible?  Maybe it is! it is amazing how Marketing brainwashes us, in order to get more out of us.

There are alot of skin brightening and lightening creams out there, and we are all familiar with the indian brands that make huge claims, and look like we slathered Sudocrem or white shoe polish on. Side effects range from refractory pigmentation (where the skin is temporarily lightened and then pigmentation returns far worse and permanently), to burning, skin cancer, mercury poisoning and other skin irritations. As most of these creams contain bleaching agents such as hydroquinone, including steroids, tretinoin and mercury. The wrong dosage or administered incorrectly over a period of time, and above results will be more than likely.

Have you ever looked at the ingredients on your creams and lotions? half of them are tongue twisters, and the other half sound like key ingredients to a very bad experiment. We shouldn't be getting lost in scientific jargon, we are after all in the age of information. However we should be sure to get our information from reliable and reputable sources. So when you get your information, be sure that person is an expert or professional in the related field and also distinguish between opinion, suck of thumb and actual facts. More people are realising that the closer to nature we are, the happier and healthier we are...and the same goes for skincare!

Let's analyse the ingredients listed on Platinum Skincares Sepiwhite night cream:

MSH Sepiwhite or Undecylenoyl Phenylanine - is a natural compound (an amino acid) that inhibits the production of melanin (the pigment that gives our skin colour) and thus prevents pigmentation, and also proven to do so at all stages of pigmentation and improves overall skintone. Want to know for yourself? research MSH Sepiwhite.

Lemona: citric acid derived from Lemons and other citrus fruits are AHA's or Alpha Hydroxy acids that serve to chemically exfoliate the skin and thereby encourage skin renewal.

Lactic: Lactic acid is also an AHA and is found in sour milk and performs as above.

Aqua: Water

Texture of Platinum Skincare Sepiwhite: smooth and hydrating

Now besides the ingredients, the texture is particularly important! As MSH Sepiwhite, the key ingredient, has to be melted down in oil that is heated to a specific temperature before it is added to skincare lotions and creams, and if not, will result in lumps of undissolved powder...Yuck! that will tell you immediately that whoever mixed it, doesn't know what they are doing.  Platinum Sepiwhite however is mixed by a dermatologist and the resulting texture is smooth and even in consistency.

Results: within a week, my skin felt smoother, 2 weeks more hydrated, 3 weeks, blemishes were noticeably fading aways, 4 weeks and after, my blemishes are almost gone, undereye circles drastically feels healthier and glows. What else can a girl ask for from her night regimen!

I trust this all natural product and definitely give it a thumbs up! try it for yourself and thank me in 4 weeks! contact Afshin Rafiq, she is an absolute doll, down to earth and very accommodating. As with all skincare guys, please consult your doctor first, should you have persistent conditions that require a Doctor's permission.

Afshin Rafiq: 076 070 8160
Instagram: Platinum_skincare

Now to get a day cream that actually does what it says! hmmm...

Don't forget to let me know how it goes!

P.s. all pics are my own:)

Salaams ye All!;)


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