Hijaab Diaries: Hijaab Style Introduction

I am always curious about hijaab styling, and it's become more of a passion in recent years.

I love hijaab! Long gone are the days when you would just wear plain black square scarves with every item in your wardrobe including the light pastels...completely throwing off your outfit combo.

So in true spirit of the love for hijaab...I will be bringing hijaab styling including countless OOTD(outfit of the day) options that are hijaab friendly...depending on your modesty preference..you may opt for all or just your selected favourites.

Here are a few pics of a recent scarf styling lesson held in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa by Ra'eesa Lorghat. I will provide contact details for her in a later post. If you are in the Jhb area you can go for these lessons as well. She is really friendly and uber helpful, and the styles are very versatile.Please note that she uses the bobble/ volumiser/ flower but all styles may be used without it. There are just so many ways to express yourself whilst wearing hijaab.

Zaahidah above helped to demo some of the styles.

I prefer to grip up my hair with a small flower and place it low so as to add some volume but not an outstanding amount, but that's my preference.

 I liked the idea of this style, as you can use all those fancy hairbands and alice bands to accessorize.

 Pleated look,...this was my favourite for everyday use.

This ones also great, just need a little adjustment for better cover on the neck. This looks too glamourous for jeans and tee.

Ra'eesa at work:)

Back of a previous look. Love the way the pink pops, will be great for the neon coloured scarves trending at the moment:)

You really just need practice and imagination, the possibilities are endless. 

Take care, and Jummah Mubarak!

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