Lifestyle: Work that Core!

Get your workout in today! 

I love working out on Saturday mornings as it mentally prepares me for the weekend. I am less likely to grab take-away or atleast opt for a healthier alternative because I refuse to let my hard work get flushed. 

So on Saturday morning after a healthy breakfast, I decided if anything was going to be flushed..let it be my cheeks after a good workout.

New product! FutureLife Zero

I tried out FutureLife Zero a new addition to the FutureLife cereals for Breakfast. I am not a fan of the strong taste of stevia (a natural sweetener), tastes alot like canderel in your cereal (yuck!) hence the blueberries, but I am addicted to the promises on the packaging. It has low GI, no GM (that's genetic modification- 'ProNutro' though it tastes great contains GM maize), and vits and minerals more than you would see on other cereal boxes. I mostly love the idea of being able to have it as a smoothie, just whizz it in the blender with chilled milk, whole seedless fruits and some honey and your good to go.

I have to confess, I get bored easily, so I mix up my cereals..I try to keep it healthy though. Start your day good...end it great! (that's not to say I don't indulge from time to'll see(",))

I chose to do Jillian Michael's 6week 6pack abs workout. I am completely in love with this workout...because IT WORKS!

After Pregnancy, many women including myself get really soft at the core and that causes other issues, including back pain and poor posture. Focusing on your core muscles zips all those issues and what's even more amazing is that it increases your endurance and improves your performance for other activities such as running, swimming, kickboxing etc.

I am not going to lecture you on how good working out feels, that is something you can only really understand once you experience it for yourself. SO IF YOU DONE MAKING EXCUSES....

Get the DVD or just got to You Tube and download it by clicking on the video and then typing in ss after www. and before youtube on your browser, you will be taken to another site that enables you to save or download it. Follow the model for a basic workout if you are a novice or just get right down to it!

Also check out Jillian's Kickboxing, that's what I did this morning:)

I never even knew I could be as strong as I am now..all it took was me trying, messing around and then going a little further each time. 

If I can do it, you can too! 

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