Food: Fantastic Flop proof Pizza! base, sauce, and fillings recipe

Pizza Base:   

makes two large and one medium pizza base ( great for big crowds and freezer storage)

6 cups flour                                  
2 Tblspoon sugar                                      
2 teas salt                                        
10g yeast
1 cup oil
1 and half cups boiling water
1 cup milk                                        

In a large enough bowl mix oil, boiling water and milk. In a large bowl sift dry ingredients. Add liquids to the dry ingredients and knead into a soft dough, use flour as needed .

Leave 2 rise, (cover bowl with foil) when double in size, knock down and leave for another 45 minutes.

You can then prepare the pizza sauce and filling.

Aromatic pizza sauce:

2 tspn Crushed ginger and garlic
1 tblspoon butter or olive oil
1 tblspoon tomato paste
2 liquidised tomatoes(optional but gives more sauce)
2tspn fine salt
3 tblspoons sauce of your choice (use lemon and herb for chicken, bbq like steers bbq for beef or lamb and sweetchilli or just tomato sauce)
Herbs like oreganum, italian and parsley
sugar to taste**
1 tspn chilli powder (optional)

Place all of sauce ingredients into a saucepan and allow to simmer till thick on low heat. Set aside and prep filling.


Meat or chicken about 1 kg for all bases or 400-500g for one base, cut into cubes or chicken into small pieces can shred after cooked. Add salt and pepper according to taste about 1 tspn fine salt and half tspn black pepper  for every 500g meat or chicken, cook on moderate heat on stove top till just cooked through and chicken until just tender(avoid over cooking- you don't want tough meat and dry chicken;)

Roll risen dough into pizza base sizes thick or really thin, it rises so I prefer thin. Cover a greased tray with foil and grease with butter or spray with non stick cooking spray. Place the bases over, cover with some of sauce and bake the base at 160 degrees for 10-15mins. After done will be freezer suitable.

Rest of sauce will be used for filling. Once out the oven and cooled add meat then green pepper, mushrooms or pineapples etc of your choice and the spread with about a 3tblspoon of the sauce per large base. Top with grated cheese and bake in oven 160deg till heated through and cheese melted.Garnish if desired.

** Sugar in the sauce helps to balance the acidity taste of the sauce and bring out the flavours instead, it gives you control over how the sauce should taste.

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