Food: Mouthwatering Glazed Carrot Cake Recipe

My mum especially loves this carrot cake with pecan nuts and I make it whenever I can. Its a hit with the family and goes perfectly with a great cuppa. Try it for yourself...!

Versatile Carrot Cake:


3 XL eggs,
1,5cups sugar,
1 cup oil,
3 cups grated carrots(I use 2 or 3),
2,5 cups cake flour,
1,5tsp baking powder,
1,5tsp cinnamon,
1tsp bicarb soda,
1tsp salt,
100g pecans chopped,


1.Preheat oven 180deg.grease ring cake tin
2.Whisk eggs well, add sugar a little at a time while beating continuously.
3.Add oil, beat well.
4.Stir in carrots.
5.Sift cake flour,baking powder,bicarb soda, cinnamon, and salt and mix well.

6.Pour into tin and bake for 60-70mins till done.(60mins is more than enough for me-so check the cake after 60mins) decor as desired with icing and pecans or chopped almonds..even choc topping..


For banana carrot cake-swop 1 cup carrots for 1cup mashed banana.

For choc and banana carrot cake: swop 1cup carrots for 1cup banana and 1/4cup flour for 1/4 cup cocoa.

Cottage Cheese Icing:

100ml cottage cheese smooth,
50ml softened butter,
1tsp vanilla ess,
1 tblspn grated orange rind,
2cup castor sugar,
1/4 cup icing sugar,
Whole pecan nuts for decor..

Beat cottage cheese and butter, add vanilla, and rind.
Add castor sugar a little at a time...beating well after each addition.Beat in the icing sugar and then pour over cake.

P.S. don't forget all these recipes are from my kitchen and I have made them atleast a dozen times for my family and catering customers you can be sure you will be pleased with the results. Let me know how it turns out(",)

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