Dubai Pics...Finally the remainder of my incredible holiday!

I still think about Dubai, I can't believe I was there.....I am so greatful for every opportunity that Allah (SWT) has given my family and I. Alhumdulillah.

Trust me, it was not smooth sailing all the way. We got the flu (throw up, coughs, runny nose-the works!), had to make trips to the doc, pharmacy and grocery stores, got a bit stranded(but that was fun), pushed strollers the entire holiday. We missed out on visiting The Atlantis Hotel as well, which I was looking forward to the most, as my family and I are love swimming!

Despite the temporary setbacks and extra chores that come with family holidays.....we made the most of our time there! Walking late nights with the kids in the open streets just shopping, without fear, felt very weird, exciting and liberating. It's definitely not something, you can do in South Africa (Love You SA, but this be the truth!).

Did I mention I left my handbag which had about 800 dirhams in cash with my phone at the toilets in The Dubai Mall. I was attending to my son and left it on the wall behind, I am not a careless person by nature, but I can definitely stress out given the chance....That was my chance!

We had already trekked to the other side of the mall, rushing to get back to the hotel, when I felt really comfortable and free. I though for a moment... "Why am I feeling so light, like I can walk freely?" , then realised I didn't have my shoulder bag to weigh me down, which led to thoughts of "where did I leave my burden?..... I mean my bag?".

My family and I ran towards the toilets, met up with the cleaning lady who confessed to having seen the contents and handed it over fully intact to the guards....what???.... yes! read that again..that's exactly what happened. The guards then handed it over to me, I handed them my ID immediately. Can you believe that? I got my bag back with all of its contents and that was more unbelievable than me lunching at the Burj Al Arab with my family... Yes that happened too:)...

So here are some pics......

The view from our hotel. Bur-Juman shopping mall situated directly opposite, clearly under alot of construction.

Entrance to Bur-Juman shopping mall

Inside Bur-Juman Shopping mall

Food Court Bur-Juman shopping mall

Taking a breath...the City is as gorgeous as the pics.

Aerial view of Burj Al Arab and Wild Wadi water park

Entrance to bridge to Burj Al Arab Hotel

Cascading waterfall feature Christmas themed for December upon entering Burj Al Arab hotel

My big boy Muhammad Uzair, standing against the central water feature at the Upstairs foyer of the 7* hotel...shabby tiling, don't you think?...

Burj Al Arab lavish decor....impressive Middle Eastern Luxury :)

Inside the Sail...Can you imagine keeping this clean?....the domestic side of me gets out sometimes ...excuse me(",)

Entrance to JunSui Asian Seafood restaurant....this would be make such a spectacular entrance to a wedding hall...swoon!

Say...Cheese!!! Husband Zakariyya and Uzair

Starters, tasted alot like Lay's air popped chips and a bit like papad...yummo with the sauce dips. I loved the Sushi. My husband and I both agreed we had our fill of noodles with peanut sauce throughout our stay in Dubai so we really enjoyed lunch.

Unfortunately no pics of the main meal, my youngest had been as patient as a 10-month old baby could have been without his afternoon nap.

Dessert! yes, we definitely had seconds....

Self service buffet- there were actually 3 of these kitchens next to each other and you could go to all of them. The service is friendly, but do speak up or you will stand there completely dumbfounded if Asian cuisine is new to you....I asked a dozen questions and ended up talking to the headchef..who over filled my plate...turns out they love South Africans..yey!

My youngest, Muhammad Ishaaq, obviously after her badge,.. the friendly reception and our waiter below at JenSui. Asian people have amazing skin, well most of them do....I'm just putting that out there...(Masha'Allah)

We took the famous red bus and hopped off at Wafi Mall, clearly distinguishable by the pyramid shaped structures that welcome you to it's food court.I'm unravelling the optional headphones to listen to the guide as we pass by.

Yes, thats me, weather was warming up for Dubai's winter and had to get to shelter husband cool as a always, took a min to take these shots. day'Allah!

  My husband hanging out with an old friend......Hand the guy some Ingrams...heels and elbows..teehee

These watches are produced in Dubai and were around 150 000, I did not buy one...Now you know, I stuck to window shopping at

The lower level turkish style indoor flea markets inside wafi mall. The entrance as you can see was well lit, but it has a more dusky feel lighting as you get further in, unfavorable for pics. I just loved the turkish style architecture and the stillness of it all.  We just had to stop, to buy some turkish was strong and delish...The shopkeepers were very hospitable and stocked mostly pashminas, cloaks, abayas, turkish delights, filter coffee, those Aladdin style curled up toe shoes (you know what I am talking about) offered tailoring services and some of the most beautiful hand beaded shoes and accessories.

Bling Bling! Gold or metallic, diamond encrusted and traditional Arabian patterns dominate the interior decor shops...and I'm pretty sure the wealthy middle easterners homes as well.

All sick by this time, we went on the dhow cruise at Dubai was nice...nothing spectacular,....ok so I got bored. I loved the view though...

View of Dubai Creek

Here are a few more random pics...

Abayas availabe from Meenah bazaar...I actually saw alot more amazing abayas at Naif Souk and their prices for items like above were 30 dirhams..I kid you not... they had incredibly stunning abayas for around 800-1200 dirhams that would easily go for 3 times that in SA.

Wearing a top from my sweet kid, drowsy from flu meds but clearly elated with his Ben10 omnitrix. This was when I was snapping the city pic above...and hadn't a clue hubby was snapping me.

The city from the bus.

 Shopping at Burj Dubai flea markets.

We had to go for dune bashing, that was by far the highlight of our trip!

Belly Dancing and spinning entertainment for the evening following the dune bashing. The spinning was very unique, the guy literally twirled in a skirt for around 10 mins without stopping whilst splitting his skirt into a top and twirling that as well, then the lights dimmed and his skirt was lit up with colourful led's....

This was an incredibly long post as you can understand why I delayed with these pics..too many. I will share Pics of dubai mall including what I purchased from of those items are on a huge billboard at the moment on the M1 north Gauteng:) and its super comfy, you might know what I am speaking of...and look forward to my favourite products to use that actually work, along with other reader's contributes to their secret skincare weapons...lots more to come...sooo excited! Thankyou all sooo much for reading, hope you enjoyed it.

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