Following me on Instagram?...then you know I have wanted to visit the "Industry Bakery " for a while now...

I wasn't given much to go on..except the excitement and hype that Muslim Joburgers get when they discover a new Halaal eatery (which trust me can be quite So my family and I decided to check it out...

Travelling from Fourways to the Industry Bakery (at 143 Barry Hertzog Ave, Emmarentia, Johannesburg) in the heat...I cranked up the aircon and read out the reviews online via zomato to my hubby...we wern't too impressed with some of the comments. So why did we go anyway?

The Industry Bakery's reply to these comments were reassuring, offering refunds to dissatisfied customers and they handled poor criticism with care. The other comments were in fact glowing reviews and definitely more in line with my own experience.

Every startup will have a few creases that need ironing out and the Industry Bakery from the reviews was no exception. What sets them apart is their willingness to right wrongs, improve on weaknesses and most importantly to action them.

Imagine this park across the narrow road from the Industry Bakery (If you are lucky enough..avoid peek times), kids in tow and greeted by their chalkboard notice on the sidewalk with their specials in bold writing, you proceed to enter.

The bakery lights are switched off, but there is sufficient daylight streaming through the large entrance and ceiling to floor windows. You are warmly greeted and ushered to your seating by a smiling waitress (brownie points! more on brownies a little later).

The decor screams urban with pallet style tables reminiscent of picnics with stools and benches to accompany them. The walls are unpainted, with an adjacent chalkboard painted wall and cement floors. A shelf filled with books that even I would love to read, and all sorts of niknaks rests against the unplastered wall and a string holding up interesting pictures of people places and experiences...The mood is clearly relaxed, casual and a place for interesting conversations...

Waitress was really sweet and handed my kids chalk to draw on the wall... there's even a place to leave notes...

Fresh pastries and bakes

      Industry Bakery staff and Management.

Let's get to the important stuff, shall we?

The Food!

I ordered a nachos burger, the Hubs ordered a steak burger with chips and the kiddos got a beef burger. We were somewhat fussy, no veges in hubs burger, 1 burger split in 2 for the kids, the same for the milkshake (they waste everytime! So 1 did it for them)

The size of the burger for me was more than sufficient....and hubby is out on that one. The price is high for a burger that size but it more than made up in taste for me.

The patty wasn't your overly processed, have no clue what else they stuffed in there kind of was real and wholesome!
Hubs thought so too..he loved the milkshake...and recommends the bubblegum and marshmallow because "it actually tastes like bubblegum and marshmallow" I swear I felt I was sitting next to his 5yr old version at that moment...Love you hun!

I skipped the chips, and milkshake, I was doing enough damage having a burger so I stole a sip and few chips from Zak. The chips were also delicious...I have to say..I'm a Mochachos chip fan..and these chips were on a level of its own too! No greasy limp fries here!

Zak suggested dessert, but as usual I was stuffed from the main meal and we had too much cake at home as we ordered just a few to go. I was curious about the banting brownie, it was as great as a banting brownie could be I guess. The cakes and pastries all looked lovely and my son devoured his pistachio macaroon in 10 secs flat!  So definitely worth another visit just to taste the bakes ( who goes to a bakery and doesn't order the cakes..seriously! no regrets like the stuff you didn't

Altogether a great experience, definitely worth a try!

Let me know what you thought;)


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