Ramadaan Mubarak my beautiful Stylexploras (and I mean inside and out!)! I know I am very late and we are already in the middle of Ramadaan...but I would like to wish you and yours the very best during this blessed month. Please keep my family and I in your duas as we will, you and yours in ours!

Ramadaan is so precious and like a guest, it comes with its blessings and leaves us better off, just as we too are guests in this world and will leave it one day, we should also leave it better off. In this beautiful month, the reality of it all sinks deeper, nourishing our souls and spirit to do more and be more. It puts what really matters into perspective! Let's never let go of that!

We all have to remember that as Muslims we each represent Islam and we are apart of a whole and it is becoming increasingly imperative that we embrace our Islamic identity and donot abandon it for anything in this world.

Muslims are openly being targeted by media, Islamaphobic groups and individuals nowadays and even in the most subtle ways, we go astray little by little. Do we compromise on our deen to be acceptable to those who will only accept us once we have gone so far from it, we realise all too late that we have left it or do we firmly establish ourselves on our deen?

You represent Islam by the way you behave, your manners, your etiquette, your dressing, the things you click like on social media, watch and thereby promote more of, and very often overlooked...what you spend on!

The wealth and popularity amongst other worldly things we pursue with such zealousness will only last while we are alive. There are 3 partners who have a share in our wealth, our Taqdeer, heirs, and yourself. Your taqdeer will claim its' share one way or another, your heirs will do so after you pass away, and so we are merely the custodians and none of it belongs to us except the wealth we advance in Allah (SWT)'s path which we will find in the hereafter. May Allah grant us all the ability to spend of what He (SWT) has given us in His (SWT) path!

We are not perfect and Allah (SWT) does not expect us to be...we just need to keep trying, make sincere Istigfar and He (SWT) will make it easy for us InshaAllah!

My wish or better dua this Ramadaan is to start quite a few good habits. Well I have already started quite a few many Raadaans ago, but there's always soooo much room for improvement! The more you learn about Islam, the more you realise how little you really know.... it has not been easy with my crazy crammed schedule...but give time to feed your soul and it rewards in the most beautiful ways!
Below, these are also things you can do, to earn a little reward everyday...
Here's my little list;)

1. Say Bismillah before starting any good activity,
2. Say SubhanAllah and Allahu Akbar when your eyes fall upon Allah's creation (and singletons I donot mean the opposite gender!) or you are really greatful or amazed,
3. Say Alhumdulillah when ever someone asks you how you are and refrain from complaining at all, keep your complaints for Salaah and ask Allah's help in everything no matter how little. (please! not to succeed you in bad deeds). Say so when thanking Allah, and do it often, you have no idea how good you really have it!
4. Say Astagfirullah sincerely, very often!
5. Read Durood, Ayatul Khursi  and any or all of the four Quls when doing any menial activity like washing dishes, making tea, cleaning up etc.
6. Read Fazail Amaal and behisti zewar...start a local taleem, try to keep it short and sweet, moderation is key. There are also so many revert Muslim sisters who could use both the sisterhood and the knowledge.
7. Read Hadith or stories of the sahaba and Prophets (AS) and (SAW)  often to your kids.
8. Try very hard to never miss a salaah, reading five times salaah does not make you a "5times namazi"  it makes you a "Muslim"! and if you are Muslim...You can do it! Salaah is the first thing we shall account for on the day of Judgement.
9. Bring Allah (SWT) and Hazrath Muhammad (SAW) into every conversation and it will deter you from saying anything bad and will increase your good deeds and nearness to Allah (SWT) InshaAllah!
10. Start any good habit slowly,...consistency and moderation will get you there!
11. Read Tahajjud ( I am soo bad at this...InshaAllah those of you who are like me, we will succeed! we must try!)
12. Add a miswaak to your routine especially wudhu>>>>extra rewards! (this one took me a while to get used too, I have more off days than on, that smell! haha..but yes, I'm not giving up!)
13. Read Ayatul Khursi after your fard salaah, after wudhu, before sleeping, when you arise, leave your home, enter your home...for extra rewards.
14. We get good deeds from every good make your good intentions before starting your activity.
15. Be compassionate to all mankind! it was the way of Rasulallah (SAW) (peace and blessings be upon Him(SAW) and His(SAW) family and companions)
16. Anyday could be the day you leave this world, so ponder it often and the way you do things will InshaAllah change for the better.
17. Write down names of those you promised to make dua for and do so, also remember the oppressed and poor Muslims around the world.
18. Start a fund drive for a non profit or needy organisation that places orphans, elderly, abused woman and children and even animals as their priority. You could simply tip the car guards a little more;)

We all have this yearning to do alot more! isn't it time we listened and did more! and if it isn't? how sure are you that you will be blessed with more time!

Don't forget to check out my YouTube Channel...more hijab tutorials coming soon and vlogging begins...JazakAllah for your support and feedback..soo happy that I could help!

Salaams Dolls! and May Allah accept our good deeds and pious duas! InshaAllah! ameen

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