When it comes to makeup... It saves to be in the know...

What am I going on about?

Ever bought a makeup product and regretted it after? I have!  numerous times... and once used you can't return it... It doesn't help that they are super expensive too! Especially if you love the good stuff and want your highlighter to be popping as much your favourite red lippy!

I'm going to share a few items that I love in my kit... As a makeup artist... Nothing goes to waste unless... That item is seriously useless or worse...  expired!

There are alot of makeup out there promising this, that or the other, and once bought we may find it works or just barely hits the mark.

Well,  let's get on with it! :)

Featured below:

Sunny shade from top left...Mac paint pot in rubinesque
Dior mini gloss, got these in a travel pack on Emirates duty free
Yardley Absolute Translucent powder
Max factor flawless perfection blush in 220 classic rose
Smashbox photo finish primer oil
Mac paint pot in Layin low and soft ochre
Mac studio conceal and correct duo in burnt coral and rich yellow
Palladium foundation primer
Loreal lumiere 500 gold mania
Catrice cosmetics made to stay highlighter pen and made to stay inside eye highlighter pen.

The Mac Paint Pots are basically long wear cream eyeshadow.

Paint pot in rubinesque and max factor blush above. I love the Maxfactor blush... It suits most skin tones and the colour pay off is great. Be sure to test it along your jaw before you purchase.

The rubinesque definitely felt like one of those annoying "what I was thinking, I should have tried it on" purchases. It is a medium sheer product... So if you tap it on with your finger or a brush.. You are likely to get the most coverage.... It's really pretty and looks amazing when the light hits it but it mostly shows up gold on my eye which is lighter than my hands.. But I'd definitely use it as a base for a similar colour eyeshadow or use base under to get the most of this colour. It suits the fairer or darker complexions and looks quite bland on medium complexions like myself. I also tried a lighter base and darker base,  the colour show was disappointing. I just have it in my kit now to use for ombre lips or as a base on my cheeks for layering highlighter over. Check for sensitivity of your skin when using as a highlighter, highlighter base or ombre lips. BTW it's pretty balmy in texture compared to the other pots.

Side by side... The Mac paint pots from left to right are rubinesque as discussed above, a coral gold colour, then is soft ochre, which is yellow toned and layin low which is brown with a pinkish undertone...

Soft ochre and layin low are fantastic as eye primers or as a base to apply before applying your eyeshadow. They are long wearing, prevents your lids from creasing, dries to an almost powder finish, and allows you to get the most from your eyeshadows.

Colour payoff using these as a base are excellent as long as you use the right colour. Mac paint pot in painterly is a pinkish shade great for lighter skin tones, I do not have it in these pics. Soft ochre for medium to light skin tones. Layin low for medium to deeper skin tones. Also check out other options like Indian wood.

Apply by dabbing on with your finger or a brush... Ensure that no skin is visible under your application... It must be smooth, streak free and even in colour on the lid.

I was surprised by this Yardley is really fine and translucent, which means it won't change the colour of makeup already applied when used over and great for baking without caking. You can apply it over those areas that are prone to oiliness, like the forehead and nose, and use minimally over the under eye area unless you are baking, in which case allow the powder to sit for a few mins... then gently brush off. You must give the shades buff and bare a try... Buff for highlighting and bare for a little colour for medium toned skins.

The Loreal lumiere gold single eyeshadow saved me when I really wanted a gold eyeshadow and couldn't find anything suitable.  This shadow is best applied with a dabbing motion... It is great for creating an ombre lip by using a dark lip colour and then applying it by dabbing onto the center of your lip.

The Palladio foundation primer comes pretty close to the smashbox primer for a fraction of the price. It mattifies and gives a smooth base to glide on foundation.

My favourite is the Smashbox priming oil, it provides hydration,  skincare and gives a gorgeous lit from within glow... Great for all over application for dry skin,  but best on the cheeks and chin for combination skin. It is pricey,  but you get alot for your buck!

This primer will also liquify or thin out your creamier foundation and can be used to make your matte lipstick into a glossy one... Is great as a base for highlighter and blush. Best of all you can use it at night to hydrate and fortify your skin.

Mac duo conceal and correct is well known and used by many to correct the blue under eye colour with burnt coral and then add brightness with the rich yellow... I think this product is great but when it dries and as the day proceeds it to use the smashbox primer oil first on the under eye area, then the duo,  to keep it looking fresh.

I love the Catrice pens... A quick highlighter for the Brow bone area that stays put all day. The inside eye pen is pinkish white and looks alot more natural and less like the 80s stark white used on the inner rim. It will give you a wide eyed look and is great for those days when your eyes look tired and you need to look fresh!

These dior glosses remind me of Mac lip glass and Essence cosmetic glosses.... That are great as a topper over other lip products or colour especially matte lipsticks and paints because they are sheer and have a high shine like most glosses. Love using them in the evenings when I sport a Smokey look.

I just bought a pack of colour pop lippy Stix and will hopefully get to review those soon.... But before I do.. You guys have to check out what went on at the Urban Bliss spa on the 29 October brace yourself... Next post will be jam packed!! Who I met,  liked and didn't like so much... Mmmmm....

Just kidding.... I wouldn't tell you guys that.. Kindness and a good heart always wins!!! Irrespective of how others may be... You get to choose your behaviour;) Be you! Be real! Peace out!!

Xoxo Always!!

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