Salaams Guys!!!

Hope you are all doing well!  Finally tried RocoMama's! Home of the original smashburgers!  ... 

Going to Melrose Arch has never really been high on our agenda. So visiting it twice on one weekend has to say something! 

We rocked up on Saturday at Melrose Arch to eat at RocoMama's... Ridiculously hungry after all the errands... We saw the long queue,  and left to eat elsewhere.... But we promised to visit again some other time. We just didn't think it would be the very next day.  Our family wanted to try Rocos too. So we joined them.

We got there around lunch time.. after 1pm... The atmosphere electric! Most of the customers were Muslim (ofcourse) ,  and the whole place was a buzz! 

The queue was there again.. But there was a guy with a clipboard in hand, taking names of those in wait, so he could secure their tables, and then call out for them when it was ready. We were told an hour long wait, so we put our names on the list, met with our family and went shopping for just under an hour. 

When we got back,  the guy was yelling Abdool Khader! Shot my hand up,  and we were seated outside at a cozy corner picnic bench and table... Just after the manager and clipboard guy (teehee), told us that we were lucky we got back in time as we would have lost our seats and had to wait again.

Next we were handed our drinks menu in the form of a wooden placemat.. Then several pads with preprinted menus and checkboxes with pens. It felt like being handed a pop quiz. "Oh RocoMama's Why can't you just take my order like a normal restaurant or cafe?" At that point I spotted a slogan on the waiters t shirt... We are not normal!... Yes,  I suppose,  that answered my question.. Lol.. In any case I loved the uniqueness, was fun going through the menu. 

I ordered a 150g beef Macon,  cheese and guacamole smashburger. I love avos..I'm going to say this out loud and clear... That was the best burger I ever had! With it I ordered a death by chocolate freak shake... was absolutely delicious.. I am notorious for not finishing my burgers,  but I wolfed this one down..I'd just make one suggestion to Rocos.. Please swop the mini chomp chocolate in your death by chocolate shake with a flake or a Lindt for freak shake! 

Family members ordered wings and burgers too. I definitely suggest you guys call in advance and book a table if possible before you rock up..You have to try RocoMama's if you are a fan of burgers, wings,  ribs and chips.. Their chillie cheese fries are awesome! See below.. 

Wherever you go... Life's always better with the right company! Salaams.. 


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