I'm going to go ahead and confess... I had not had a facial in months, possibly years. I just always found a 100 excuses not to! A busy mom thing I guess, and I chalk facials upto luxuries... But as each birthday comes around the corner... I realize my skin needs more.. And what I considered a luxury is in fact care that's vital to ensure the good health of my skin and ofcourse to age gracefully! Don't we all want that? 

When Urban Bliss announced their facial promotion for the month of March, my familiarity with the beautiful spa got the better of me, and I decided to book one. 

For those of you unfamiliar with Urban Bliss is my previous post on the spa and my experience.....The ultimate Bespoke Wellness spa!

The day could not have arrived sooner! I dropped the kids at school, and off I went to 85 Barry Hertzog Road, in Emmarentia, Jhb to make my 10am booking. I decided to do a virtual tour of Urban Bliss, as I had previously wished I had done to share with you guys. Here is the link to that video:

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I was met by Ms. Lerato Tlhame who is the Manager and a vastly experienced therapist at Urban Bliss with sincere warmth and kindness. The spa at that moment was quiet, and ideal for pics and videos, so we had immense fun doing live videos on social media. We were also joined by Ms. Ayesha Rajah the owner and founder of Urban Bliss and her therapist Ms. Andrea.

Truth and the whole truth? ...  the Urban Bliss spa is truely a beautiful space, and so accommodating to all their clients and their needs. They continually strive to improve on their offering, are flexible and unlike most spas are dedicated to true wellness. 

They consistently offer their clients treatments that are tailored to address their individual concerns. They take the time to chat with you and find out more about what you really need, and that to me, makes all the difference. 

If you book a detox massage with a facial, but are short on time, they will tailor your treatment such that, while you enjoy your facial, you will simultaneously be treated to a detox wrap. They will even advise you on the treatment you should go for when you book. 

What's also deeply satisfying, is that the spa believes in rest and relaxation to the point, that they never rush and usher out their clients after their treatments. You can even stay and relax on their pool deck, bring your bathing costume for a swim, rest in the pause area or try out their beam swing, above the pool while you dip your legs.

My facial began with changing into their soft monogrammed robes and slippers and heading off to my London treatment room...Ha! that sounds soo cool! I just love the city theme that echoes throughout the spa. In the pic above I captured a bit of New York;)

Lerato then came in, and I had a full face of makeup. I challenged her! 

We began with a few deep breaths (something I ought to get in the habit of doing!), and then Lerato accepted the cleansing challenge with a hearty laugh. The Phytomer Perfect Visage cleansing milk just melts on your skin and felt like a gel. In a few short seconds of massaging the cleanser, my makeup was thoroughly dissolved...challenge Annihilated!

All Points to Urban Bliss and Phytomer cleansing milk, which you only need a small amount of and comes in 250ml at R366. I love prods that do no harm! All Phytomer products smell like an ocean breeze...fresh and addictive! 

To tailor my facial, Lerato had added in an ampoule for hydration, to address dryness around my cheek and forehead areas. Customising your facial at the spa, is as easy as building your burger at the Burger Stack! 

Exfoliation was the order of the day! Ok!..the facial!. The Phytomer Gommage (that is french for a gentle cream exfoliator...Wi?!) used, contains clay for detoxing and removing any other impurities from the skin. Then came the gentle steaming to further loosen impurities such as white and black heads, to make them easier to remove.

Lerato did a fantastic job with the extraction, this is where most spas fail and often create the dreaded acne holes in your skin. I did not have any deep tissue damage, and my skin was immediately calmed with Phytomer's soothing serum and then hydrated with a moisturising serum.

Below are products from Phytomer and Priori I received from Urban Bliss on my first visit. The Phytomer cleanser lasted me about 6 months,  was so effective and the scent was deliciously uplifting. Priori gommage or exfoliator for body and face with AHA is exactly what you need to get your hands on for the upcoming Winter season. It will keep your skin smooth,  bright and help all your other products to work more effectively, by removing the layer of dead skin cells. This allows your products to penetrate better and get to work where they need to.

I then received a face massage, I didn't even know I needed. My jaw was tense for days, I hadn't a clue why, and just hoped it would go away. Lerato just loosened any tension by massaging my jaws, and gave me a lymph drainage massage to alleviate sinuses and puffiness. It felt amazing!

She then applied a moisturising mask, followed by a moisturiser, together with my favourite...the Phytomer Rosee Visage toner which comes in 250ml at R366, is alcohol free, and was applied with cotton pads over my eyes to soothe puffiness (which I have alot of, side effects of an insomniac!). At that point I felt like napping like my 4yr old.

I then got a little treat with the application of a nifty Phytomer cc cream, which adjusts to suit to your skintone. No need to look like you just got a facial with extractions... Lol!

Just when I thought everything was over... I got a hand massage... Omw!! I could take those everyday!! (designer hands work hard!)  

When all was done, Phew! I got served tea in bed! They have delicious teas! I enjoyed my cuppa Gunpowder Raspberry- Current tea to the max!

Results of my facial...

The soothing serum immediately calmed my skin after the extraction. My skin took possibly 3 days at most to peel, and didn't look bad at all. No acne scarring or pain. Skin was really glowing by day 4 and makeup application too was smooth and far easier. Skin texture overall improved,  no blackheads and whiteheads hiding under the feels smooth to the touch with no bumps. Even my original foundation shade was matching well. Would I book repeat sessions? Yes! Absolutely!

Before facial with makeup.. Notice uneven skintone.. I didn't do any colour correction under my foundation.. 

4th day After facial with the same makeup base and again no colour correction. 

And ofcourse without makeup.... Minutes after I woke up... :p

Still have a few days to take advantage of the facial special with Urban Bliss... Else watch this space for April 2017 specials... 

Urban Bliss:

Tel: (011)486-0512

Salaams and lot of love!


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