Hubby and I decided to visit Rooftop Cafe with the kids this weekend. I wanted to visit the places I didn't tick off my invisible list of places to go...

Heard alot about the Café. The food presented via their Instagram looks 5 star! Have a look! ROOFTOP CAFÉ INSTAGRAM PROFILE

The place was relatively easy to find.  Just make sure you are on the right side of the road so you can turn in...they also have a one way out,  one way in ramp. They are situated on the 2nd floor at 99 Oxford Rd, Saxonwold, Johannesburg.

We were welcomed immediately with a smile and taken to our seats... Having arrived quite early for lunch, we were the only patrons. This gave us the opportunity to choose our seating and I had ample opportunity to take pics for you guys.

I was completely surprised by the decor. I felt like I had walked into a wedding venue. The faux grass gave a garden terrace feel and looked beautiful with the tables all finely laid out. There was a large marquee with smaller patio swivel Umbrellas to cover seating areas. A few raised platforms for seating were within smaller gazebos. You can also sit outside the marqee.

Couples seating are also arranged outside the marqee, closer to the perimeter wall of the Rooftop. Perfect for celebrating intimate wedding Anniversaries;)

Garden pots strategically placed, and gorgeous gold chandelier stands on the table. White chairs with cushions, gold- taupe overlays on cream table cloths,  with fanned napkins, white crockery and silver cutlery.

Some ideas for your next event or Eid maybe.. Can't wait for Ramadaan!:)

Friendly staff of Rooftop cafe, service with a smile, good with kids (ours continued to joke with my younger son) who clear your table regularly for your comfort. The manager too, had consistently ensured we were well taken care of.

So let's get to the really important stuff, shall we?
Foooood! Glorrrrious foood!!

The menu caters for a wide range of taste buds. Have a look at the menu here... Rooftop Cafe website

You can definitely satisfy the kids too. My sons chose prawns, and chicken strips with chips. Try brioche bun if they insist on burgers. Hubby decided to have the beef steak. He enjoyed it so much, I didn't get a chance for a pic of the steak untouched... Lol.. Phew! Either way Bullet dodged! Wives will understand that when we choose the venue,  hubby better be happy with the meal or else... (Men! I still maintain... Fastest way to their heart is through their stomachs.. Lol!)

I tasted the steak, it was succulent, flavourful and soft....just the way we like it!
I ordered the Salmon steak...was feeling for the salmon I tasted in Cape Town at the Pearl spoon. The servings are big! So are the prices.. But you get exactly what you pay for! All I can say is craving satisfied! Juicy,  tender salmon,  seared on both sides with sautéed roast veges,  mash and butter sauce... Nyom Nyom!

I was done for after this meal! I tried to clean my plate as much as I could. Since we came all the way,  may as well try the desserts... Gritting my teeth at this point, I'm so stuffed. The Desserts are in smaller portions,  mine luckily was...I
 ordered the panacota with berry coulis,  crumbed biscuit and popping candy. Hubs chose the creme brulee which came as 2 were full at this point too. So they were minimal help in finishing the deserts, until I mentioned popping candy to my eldest.. Teehee... Sneaky mom!

I loved the panna cotta, smooth velvety texture... It's taste similar to milk tart filling and creme Brule except it's really a cold Italian dessert made with double cream, which is thickened. Soo indulgent! I definitely suggest sharing the Desserts. The Rooftop Café is open between these times.

All in all,  loved the experience and would definitely consider it a special occasion venue. Hope you guys enjoyed this review and found it helpful!

Jazak'Allah my darling husband for all your love and kindness!! Allah reward you and all such husbands abundantly always... Ameen

So much more coming on this blog... I'm spinning in a tizzy... InshaAllah... Until next time... Take care and lots of love and duas!

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