Sunday, 23 April 2017


Salaams and Hello StyleExploras!

I hope you bought your tickets for the #HFWSA (Hijab Fashion Week South Africa)! An event not to be missed!

Here is more information and all of the questions I have been getting:

1. When is it?

13th and 14th May 2017

2. Where is it?

At the image Lifestyle Center, Fordsburg in Johannesburg where the Jimmy Killer Prawns is also located.
Here is the Google maps for directions on how to get there!
Image lifestyle Venue click me!

3. What time does it start:

between 2-5pm

4.What is it about?

Founder and coordinator Abashiya Achilles who is also the designer and owner of the "Fabulous in Hijab" modest wear brand,  maintains that the Hijab fashion week is not a new concept.

London had already seen many years of the ever successful  London modest fashion week #LMFW.

Having been in contact with the organizers, Abashiya then embarked on introducing a Hijab fashion week in Cape Town,  South Africa, her home town.

I cannot wait to meet her! She has been an absolute pleasure to liaise with, and is truly a remarkable person. 

After 5 successful years of the HFWSA, in Cape Town,  with exceptional growth each year. It will now be launched in Johannesburg on the 13 and 14th May 2017, at the image Lifestyle center in Fordsburg, in conjunction with Crescent Lifestyle. 

While it may not be a new concept,  it is an entirely new platform for emerging local modest wear designers and an opportunity to cater to the large and wide demands of Hijab or modest wearing Muslims. 

The HFWSA is set to gather some of the best local design talent in the modest industry as well as the who's who in the blogosphere of modest bloggers.. all in one event over 2 days. 

Taking place just days before the Islamic month of Ramadan, it will be the Eid shoppers delight to get their hands on these unique designs for Eid, prior to Ramadan, so focus can be maintained on the more important aspects such as ibaadah (prayer), fasting and charity. 
Designers contact details will also be made available to those in attendance requiring custom garments or wishing to purchase the runway designs. 

Fashion designers to exhibit: all names are clickable links so just tap on it and you can see more about that designer! It will take you to their Instagram worries if you'd like to get back to reading the rest of this post.. Simply close the Instagram window. Designers are creating new items just for the HFWSA! So below is just a teaser of what designers have offered or are currently offering. 

Fabulous in Hijab

By: Abashiya Achilles

Creates gorgeous, classy garments, with modern cuts and with close attention to detail and quality. Expect your Fabulous in Hijab pieces to withstand the test of time! She plays with prints, colours and textures, and her garments always have comfort at its core. Love this brand❤️

Stylexplora  (that's Me! InshaAllah!also
check out @shopstylexplora)
By: Waseema Reyazuddin /Abdool Khader


By: Mehmooda

Makes beautiful trendy garments, in an array of gorgeous colours, with unexpected combinations and panels! Draped and flowy garments for the avid fashionista. Cannot wait to see their collection.

My Online Souk

By: sisters Sabeena and Jehan

Is your online store for one stop shopping for those gorgeous outfits from a number of local designers. They bridge the gap between fashionable Muslimahs who love to shop designer pieces and the designers themselves. Having spoken to one of the sisters, I can say without a will love shopping with them.

Shop style snap

By: Nazmeera Jeewa

Every ounce a fashion forward stylist, I am a fan of her personal style and ethos. This brand retails modest garments with modern cuts! With an eye for detail, this brand understands the needs of modern day Muslimahs and offers tomorrow's styles today!

Red Ruby : to be updated soon

Zaynah Collection

By: Aadilah Tootla

Beautiful modest wear items with edgy cuts created with care. This brand spells chic, urban and elegant style effortlessly! I had the honour of meeting Aadilah and she is as beautiful inside as she is out! MashaAllah! Cannot wait to see her collection on the runway!

La Udher

Creates luxury Abayas and hijabs in an assortment of unexpected fabrics and textures. Their quality is excellent! I speak from experience, as I own one of their gorgeous scarves and as you may remember, I did Hijab tutorials featuring that very scarf.  I have also browsed through their collection.

Adore by Adila

Sorry guys, she has a private Instagram account. To be updated soon.

Demure by S

Hails as a contemporary modest wear brand. Their page is a shoppers delight with kimonos, dresses and more. Creative use of prints and mix of fabrics make this brand one to follow.

Ruhee Collection

A contemporary modestwear extraordinaire. Their collection is a feast of gorgeous kimonos, Abayas for both ladies and little ones, as well as draped and flowy dresses and seperates. Attention to detail is prominent, with striking modern prints, lace, embroidery and a mixture of patterns and solid colours.

Bloggers to attend and cover the event. 


Stylexplora (you are here! :)- Waseema Abdool Khader... Yes! I will also be blogging about the HFWSA.

Veiled Beauty- Raeesa Sadik

Accountant by profession with a propensity for creating killer outfit combos, brilliant product reviews and great flatlays! So much more to her!
We have been friends for years and are yet to meet each other... We hope to do so at the HFWSA InshaAllah! Can't wait!

Modesty By Bash - Basheerah Dawjee

A friend, a pharmacist by profession fluent in the language of all things fashion... Her personal style is well known and loved! Her style is always refreshing and she is ever helpful to her followers and readers.

Hayaa Chic - Tasneem Vally
I only had the opportunity to meet her once for all of 2mins. She is an amazing apparel stylist, Makeup Artist and hijab Stylist. What's most amazing, is that she's also a mom of 4,  along with her growing resume! #superwoman

Rogue by Nablah - Nabeelah Ghood

An avid iger, and lover of all things beauty. I love her style of writing which is real and unpretentious. Expect lots of diy and beauty secrets.

Plausible Paws and  - Rumannah

A gracious and sweet lifestyle blogger with a love for puns, she will have you both addicted to her writing style and in stitches.

Style unboxed- Raeesa Essop

A newbie lifestyle, beauty and fashion blogger with a beautiful Instagram feed. Her product and fashion reviews though would have you think she's been doing this for a while... She's a natural!

Modest Isle- Soraya McKenzie

A beautiful mommy blogger with incredible style! Her blog and Instagram feed are uplifting and inspirational. Can't wait to see her take on the HFWSA. 

6. What else can I expect? 

Fashion Shows featuring collections of the designers above. Feast your eyes on ready to wear garments for Eid and occasions. Styling advice, including Hijab styling and lots more... Fun evening out for ladies only. Alot is underwraps...  because we aim to surprise! All I can say is,  Donot miss it! I really want to meet you guys..

7. How do I buy tickets? 
You can purchase tickets from here >>>>>Web tickets

Tickets are R150 per day,  so R150 for the 13th and R150 for the 14th...if you book for both days.. It's R300... 

8.What happens to the proceeds? 
This is a fundraising event and to showcase modest fashion designers. 

9. I would like to model for the HFWSA, what do I do? 

But do so quickly as the spaces are filling up....

We are looking for ladies of any race or religion, in two categories. 
Category A: 18-35yrs,  1.64m in height and taller,and sizes small-medium
Category B: over 35 years any size and preferably 1.64m in height or taller. 

In your email, include the following :

1. Name,  Surname, cell number
2. Age,  
3. height, 
4. size 
5. a little paragraph or two about yourself and what you do. Occupation etc. 
6. a pic of yourself close up and full length. 

If you are successful,  we will let you know and call you for castings.  All model training will be provided, no experience necessary!  Just confidence and happy thoughts:)

Thanks dolls...don't forget to subscribe to my blog to get more stylexploring delivered to your inbox! :) 

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Sunday, 26 March 2017


I'm going to go ahead and confess... I had not had a facial in months, possibly years. I just always found a 100 excuses not to! A busy mom thing I guess, and I chalk facials upto luxuries... But as each birthday comes around the corner... I realize my skin needs more.. And what I considered a luxury is in fact care that's vital to ensure the good health of my skin and ofcourse to age gracefully! Don't we all want that? 

When Urban Bliss announced their facial promotion for the month of March, my familiarity with the beautiful spa got the better of me, and I decided to book one. 

For those of you unfamiliar with Urban Bliss is my previous post on the spa and my experience.....The ultimate Bespoke Wellness spa!

The day could not have arrived sooner! I dropped the kids at school, and off I went to 85 Barry Hertzog Road, in Emmarentia, Jhb to make my 10am booking. I decided to do a virtual tour of Urban Bliss, as I had previously wished I had done to share with you guys. Here is the link to that video:

Don't forget to subscribe to my channel as there are lots more videos (with huge improvements) coming your way. Insha'Allah 

I was met by Ms. Lerato Tlhame who is the Manager and a vastly experienced therapist at Urban Bliss with sincere warmth and kindness. The spa at that moment was quiet, and ideal for pics and videos, so we had immense fun doing live videos on social media. We were also joined by Ms. Ayesha Rajah the owner and founder of Urban Bliss and her therapist Ms. Andrea.

Truth and the whole truth? ...  the Urban Bliss spa is truely a beautiful space, and so accommodating to all their clients and their needs. They continually strive to improve on their offering, are flexible and unlike most spas are dedicated to true wellness. 

They consistently offer their clients treatments that are tailored to address their individual concerns. They take the time to chat with you and find out more about what you really need, and that to me, makes all the difference. 

If you book a detox massage with a facial, but are short on time, they will tailor your treatment such that, while you enjoy your facial, you will simultaneously be treated to a detox wrap. They will even advise you on the treatment you should go for when you book. 

What's also deeply satisfying, is that the spa believes in rest and relaxation to the point, that they never rush and usher out their clients after their treatments. You can even stay and relax on their pool deck, bring your bathing costume for a swim, rest in the pause area or try out their beam swing, above the pool while you dip your legs.

My facial began with changing into their soft monogrammed robes and slippers and heading off to my London treatment room...Ha! that sounds soo cool! I just love the city theme that echoes throughout the spa. In the pic above I captured a bit of New York;)

Lerato then came in, and I had a full face of makeup. I challenged her! 

We began with a few deep breaths (something I ought to get in the habit of doing!), and then Lerato accepted the cleansing challenge with a hearty laugh. The Phytomer Perfect Visage cleansing milk just melts on your skin and felt like a gel. In a few short seconds of massaging the cleanser, my makeup was thoroughly dissolved...challenge Annihilated!

All Points to Urban Bliss and Phytomer cleansing milk, which you only need a small amount of and comes in 250ml at R366. I love prods that do no harm! All Phytomer products smell like an ocean breeze...fresh and addictive! 

To tailor my facial, Lerato had added in an ampoule for hydration, to address dryness around my cheek and forehead areas. Customising your facial at the spa, is as easy as building your burger at the Burger Stack! 

Exfoliation was the order of the day! Ok!..the facial!. The Phytomer Gommage (that is french for a gentle cream exfoliator...Wi?!) used, contains clay for detoxing and removing any other impurities from the skin. Then came the gentle steaming to further loosen impurities such as white and black heads, to make them easier to remove.

Lerato did a fantastic job with the extraction, this is where most spas fail and often create the dreaded acne holes in your skin. I did not have any deep tissue damage, and my skin was immediately calmed with Phytomer's soothing serum and then hydrated with a moisturising serum.

Below are products from Phytomer and Priori I received from Urban Bliss on my first visit. The Phytomer cleanser lasted me about 6 months,  was so effective and the scent was deliciously uplifting. Priori gommage or exfoliator for body and face with AHA is exactly what you need to get your hands on for the upcoming Winter season. It will keep your skin smooth,  bright and help all your other products to work more effectively, by removing the layer of dead skin cells. This allows your products to penetrate better and get to work where they need to.

I then received a face massage, I didn't even know I needed. My jaw was tense for days, I hadn't a clue why, and just hoped it would go away. Lerato just loosened any tension by massaging my jaws, and gave me a lymph drainage massage to alleviate sinuses and puffiness. It felt amazing!

She then applied a moisturising mask, followed by a moisturiser, together with my favourite...the Phytomer Rosee Visage toner which comes in 250ml at R366, is alcohol free, and was applied with cotton pads over my eyes to soothe puffiness (which I have alot of, side effects of an insomniac!). At that point I felt like napping like my 4yr old.

I then got a little treat with the application of a nifty Phytomer cc cream, which adjusts to suit to your skintone. No need to look like you just got a facial with extractions... Lol!

Just when I thought everything was over... I got a hand massage... Omw!! I could take those everyday!! (designer hands work hard!)  

When all was done, Phew! I got served tea in bed! They have delicious teas! I enjoyed my cuppa Gunpowder Raspberry- Current tea to the max!

Results of my facial...

The soothing serum immediately calmed my skin after the extraction. My skin took possibly 3 days at most to peel, and didn't look bad at all. No acne scarring or pain. Skin was really glowing by day 4 and makeup application too was smooth and far easier. Skin texture overall improved,  no blackheads and whiteheads hiding under the feels smooth to the touch with no bumps. Even my original foundation shade was matching well. Would I book repeat sessions? Yes! Absolutely!

Before facial with makeup.. Notice uneven skintone.. I didn't do any colour correction under my foundation.. 

4th day After facial with the same makeup base and again no colour correction. 

And ofcourse without makeup.... Minutes after I woke up... :p

Still have a few days to take advantage of the facial special with Urban Bliss... Else watch this space for April 2017 specials... 

Urban Bliss:

Tel: (011)486-0512

Salaams and lot of love!


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Saturday, 18 March 2017


Hubby and I decided to visit Rooftop Cafe with the kids this weekend. I wanted to visit the places I didn't tick off my invisible list of places to go...

Heard alot about the Café. The food presented via their Instagram looks 5 star! Have a look! ROOFTOP CAFÉ INSTAGRAM PROFILE

The place was relatively easy to find.  Just make sure you are on the right side of the road so you can turn in...they also have a one way out,  one way in ramp. They are situated on the 2nd floor at 99 Oxford Rd, Saxonwold, Johannesburg.

We were welcomed immediately with a smile and taken to our seats... Having arrived quite early for lunch, we were the only patrons. This gave us the opportunity to choose our seating and I had ample opportunity to take pics for you guys.

I was completely surprised by the decor. I felt like I had walked into a wedding venue. The faux grass gave a garden terrace feel and looked beautiful with the tables all finely laid out. There was a large marquee with smaller patio swivel Umbrellas to cover seating areas. A few raised platforms for seating were within smaller gazebos. You can also sit outside the marqee.

Couples seating are also arranged outside the marqee, closer to the perimeter wall of the Rooftop. Perfect for celebrating intimate wedding Anniversaries;)

Garden pots strategically placed, and gorgeous gold chandelier stands on the table. White chairs with cushions, gold- taupe overlays on cream table cloths,  with fanned napkins, white crockery and silver cutlery.

Some ideas for your next event or Eid maybe.. Can't wait for Ramadaan!:)

Friendly staff of Rooftop cafe, service with a smile, good with kids (ours continued to joke with my younger son) who clear your table regularly for your comfort. The manager too, had consistently ensured we were well taken care of.

So let's get to the really important stuff, shall we?
Foooood! Glorrrrious foood!!

The menu caters for a wide range of taste buds. Have a look at the menu here... Rooftop Cafe website

You can definitely satisfy the kids too. My sons chose prawns, and chicken strips with chips. Try brioche bun if they insist on burgers. Hubby decided to have the beef steak. He enjoyed it so much, I didn't get a chance for a pic of the steak untouched... Lol.. Phew! Either way Bullet dodged! Wives will understand that when we choose the venue,  hubby better be happy with the meal or else... (Men! I still maintain... Fastest way to their heart is through their stomachs.. Lol!)

I tasted the steak, it was succulent, flavourful and soft....just the way we like it!
I ordered the Salmon steak...was feeling for the salmon I tasted in Cape Town at the Pearl spoon. The servings are big! So are the prices.. But you get exactly what you pay for! All I can say is craving satisfied! Juicy,  tender salmon,  seared on both sides with sautéed roast veges,  mash and butter sauce... Nyom Nyom!

I was done for after this meal! I tried to clean my plate as much as I could. Since we came all the way,  may as well try the desserts... Gritting my teeth at this point, I'm so stuffed. The Desserts are in smaller portions,  mine luckily was...I
 ordered the panacota with berry coulis,  crumbed biscuit and popping candy. Hubs chose the creme brulee which came as 2 were full at this point too. So they were minimal help in finishing the deserts, until I mentioned popping candy to my eldest.. Teehee... Sneaky mom!

I loved the panna cotta, smooth velvety texture... It's taste similar to milk tart filling and creme Brule except it's really a cold Italian dessert made with double cream, which is thickened. Soo indulgent! I definitely suggest sharing the Desserts. The Rooftop Café is open between these times.

All in all,  loved the experience and would definitely consider it a special occasion venue. Hope you guys enjoyed this review and found it helpful!

Jazak'Allah my darling husband for all your love and kindness!! Allah reward you and all such husbands abundantly always... Ameen

So much more coming on this blog... I'm spinning in a tizzy... InshaAllah... Until next time... Take care and lots of love and duas!

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Wednesday, 22 February 2017


Recovering from a hectic work week, followed by a working weekend, and with just days to go to finally open my online store Stylexplora, I am thoroughly BEAT!

I can't believe the amount of rain following that weekend ...Alhumdulillah, SubhanAllah and indeed AllahuAkbar!

It was a fantastic weekend with the Stylexplora team! Fashion shoot done and dusted! I'm still in complete disbelief! I was stressing about the weather for the shoot, as news of Cyclone Dineo did its rounds and the venue constantly revised and changed. The day for the shoot approached and it was cloudy, sunny, and for the most part...a really hot day, and my clarity on the venue clearer than the day! Everything went far better than expected! Alhumdulillah!

I had  the pleasure of working with astute modest models, focused and dedicated to their work, and cannot wait to reveal both my line and my gorgeous ambassador. It's no easy task for models to change into more that 10 outfits per model, with the heat bearing down, hijab styling in the mix, and do a shoot of each outfit within a limited time with the photographer. I greatly appreciated their ability to work independently, as I combined my roles of stylist, make-up artist, hijab stylist and shoot coordinator. I am definitely going to include a post in future for a successful photoshoot, should you ever find yourself in the same position.

For  now though, I could do with the super power of a couch potato! Yes! I'd like the ability to sit and chill and not have annoying feelings of guilt over being unproductive. I have issues!....but cooking isn't always one of them;) here's a great recipe for Chicken Quiche:*

I've been making this one since high school...if you want it banting friendly...leave out the pastry crust and go crustless. You can also swop the chicken for tuna, salmon, steak, or veges. Excuse the blurry image, I had to capture a shot from my video of the quiche coming out the oven, because I forgot to take a pic. I made this one for my mum.

Chicken Quiche:



1 cup flour
5ml salt
120g butter/ margarine 

Rub above together till crumbs,

1 egg beaten slightly
3 tblspoon grated cheese
Quarter cup ice water
1 tspn lemon juice 

Add cheese to flour mix, then the beaten egg. Make a well in the centre off the flour mix and add the water a teaspoon at a time till you form a soft, pliable dough that is not sticky. I use my Kenwood food processor for the whole method.

Roll out your dough, in one direction (pastry works well this way!;)... grease your large round cake tin or glass casserole dish, and press the dough in. Use a knife flat, to trim round the edges of the dough that sticks out, and pierce dough with fork.


Half onion, grated or processed
125ml butter/ margarine
Half green pepper (optional)
3 chicken fillets (500-750g) cut into cubes
Quarter tspn ginger garlic 
2 eggs,
62ml fresh cream/ nestle dessert cream
62ml fresh milk
Half cup grated cheese
Pinch of mixed herbs
salt and pepper to taste
Chilli powder 

Saute onions and green pepper in the butter. Cook till soft and then add chicken, with ginger garlic, salt, pepper and chilli powder to taste. Cook till tender. Beat egg, cream and milk together. Add the herbs to the milk mixture. Fill the pastry with the chicken mix, then pour over the milk mix and cover with cheese and more mixed herbs.

Bake at 200 degrees Celsius for 30mins or till golden. 
Cut into slices and serve warm.

Kick it up a notch and try Amina's wonderspice in chicken it mixed with a bit of yoghurt to marinate the chicken, you can then leave out the spices and salt. I even coat lamb chops with this marinade, their chops marinade is just as amazing! in fact marinated chops with this quiche and some veges on the side is a great meal.

Enjoy! Let me know how it turned out;)

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Monday, 13 February 2017


Salaams Guys!!!

Hope you are all doing well!  Finally tried RocoMama's! Home of the original smashburgers!  ... 

Going to Melrose Arch has never really been high on our agenda. So visiting it twice on one weekend has to say something! 

We rocked up on Saturday at Melrose Arch to eat at RocoMama's... Ridiculously hungry after all the errands... We saw the long queue,  and left to eat elsewhere.... But we promised to visit again some other time. We just didn't think it would be the very next day.  Our family wanted to try Rocos too. So we joined them.

We got there around lunch time.. after 1pm... The atmosphere electric! Most of the customers were Muslim (ofcourse) ,  and the whole place was a buzz! 

The queue was there again.. But there was a guy with a clipboard in hand, taking names of those in wait, so he could secure their tables, and then call out for them when it was ready. We were told an hour long wait, so we put our names on the list, met with our family and went shopping for just under an hour. 

When we got back,  the guy was yelling Abdool Khader! Shot my hand up,  and we were seated outside at a cozy corner picnic bench and table... Just after the manager and clipboard guy (teehee), told us that we were lucky we got back in time as we would have lost our seats and had to wait again.

Next we were handed our drinks menu in the form of a wooden placemat.. Then several pads with preprinted menus and checkboxes with pens. It felt like being handed a pop quiz. "Oh RocoMama's Why can't you just take my order like a normal restaurant or cafe?" At that point I spotted a slogan on the waiters t shirt... We are not normal!... Yes,  I suppose,  that answered my question.. Lol.. In any case I loved the uniqueness, was fun going through the menu. 

I ordered a 150g beef Macon,  cheese and guacamole smashburger. I love avos..I'm going to say this out loud and clear... That was the best burger I ever had! With it I ordered a death by chocolate freak shake... was absolutely delicious.. I am notorious for not finishing my burgers,  but I wolfed this one down..I'd just make one suggestion to Rocos.. Please swop the mini chomp chocolate in your death by chocolate shake with a flake or a Lindt for freak shake! 

Family members ordered wings and burgers too. I definitely suggest you guys call in advance and book a table if possible before you rock up..You have to try RocoMama's if you are a fan of burgers, wings,  ribs and chips.. Their chillie cheese fries are awesome! See below.. 

Wherever you go... Life's always better with the right company! Salaams.. 


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Wednesday, 8 February 2017


Imagine if there was a miracle, magic making, quick fix or pill, to get in shape super fast and it was Islamically acceptable. Most of us would get on that right away! right?

Who doesn't want to fast forward from pain, frustration and sadness, to wanting extraordinary results with minimal effort and in the shortest space of time. We say we don't have time, when in fact with all the time we have, we live less each day.

Breathe! Live! Stop every once in a while and remind yourself that the moments you want to fast forward, is life. The hard work, sweat, tears and sacrifices you put in to get results,  that changes you in a way that quick fixes can't. The kind of changes we all need, that make us unstoppable, inspired, passionate, people of substance and much more. Your processes are just as important as those undergone by diamonds.

The arch Duke Joseph diamond

"From the time the diamond is transformed from a rough stone into a gem set in an item of jewellery, it has lost half of its weight."

Consider the weight you lose along the way, whether physical or things you needed to let go. You go through it to shed defeat, insecurities and other negativities that weigh you down in life.  You hear it repeatedly, that life's about the journey not the destination...maybe it's time you begin to see that even the journey has its rewards.

I'm crazy about working out! I am not a fitness champ or accolade winning fitness trainer, I'm just a mum with a strong desire to be my best. I am also absolutely sure, that you too want to always be at your best. Let's face it workouts take time and with our fast paced busy lifestyles, if not the last thing on our minds's probably not on our mind at all.

So this post is dedicated to the one workout that changed everything for me.

I got back from my year end holidays, feeling heavier and alot more tired. It wasn't a new year resolution to get fit and healthy again, I had to. Holiday period junk combined with inactivity or very little of it made me feel like staying in bed longer, not exactly a good thing if you are going to miss Fajr.
I even created this original meme below dedicated to how I was feeling... I think most of my Instagram followers thought it was a pin...

Then I experienced one of the worst cases of food poisoning to really push me out the door. My motivation in general was just slipping away. I was losing time. Feeling tired and sluggish was just not on. I had to clean up my act, and get my head back in the game.

I decided to try out one of my video workouts that I hadn't done in a while.

Here's the link:
A Jillian Michaels workout...Jillian Michaels: No More Trouble zones circuit

Start with the warm up and do all of the circuit's with the cool down.

All you need is a mat and your dumbbells. I use 2 kg dumbbells, you can use more or less if you like. I did the workout twice a week.

This workout will target all your problem areas, believe me when I say...the results speak for themselves. Flatter tummy, sculpted arms, oblique definition, lifted chest, better posture, slimmer stronger legs, even targets your back ....Woah! I was amazed at the results in just the second week. If you are a beginner, I suggest doing only a quarter to half the workout if you can manage, then build up after 2 weeks to a little more. Keep with it though.

I guarantee that if you keep going and do it with good form, you will be surprised by how effective this workout is. I'm all about fewer effective moves, than zombi repetition of ineffective moves with poor form. When you have limited time, you want to do what is effective and will get you results in the shortest time possible! I'm at my goal weight now, I feel freakin awesome! That feeling is sooo worth it!

Ultimately, you need to move! Celebrate movement, be thankful for your body instead of criticising it. If it's not this workout then find what works for you and do it, it might be running, swimming, kickboxing, paintball, treetops, Avalanche, tennis, volleyball...there's so much...something has to tickle your fancy. Everything is hard at first, you know this, and it doesn't get easier, you just get a whole lot better!

Moving your body should feel good, and the more you move, the better. You can do so much more when you feel good in your skin, and time becomes less of a tyrant and more of an ally,  and suddenly you don't want to fast forward,  you want to pause and enjoy!

I leave you with powerful words by Yasmin Mogahed ...


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