Thursday, 17 March 2016


A Review

September 2015, I had the opportunity of reviewing the Urban Bliss Day Spa on behalf of my dear friend and blogger Raeesa Sadik of Veiled beauty! Thankyou Raeesa! You are an absolute doll! It was an experience I will treasure!

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When I arrived at 85 Barry Hertzog avenue in Emmarentia at the Urban Bliss Day Spa, I was led onto the patio by Lerato Tlhame, Spa manager where the other guests were seated, sampling speciality tea. Lerato was on the ball and gave me a tour of the spa treatment rooms before we began treatments. 

The owner and founder of the Spa side of Urban Bliss, Ms. Ayesha Rajah, chatted to me with highly commendable courtesy, and immediately caught me up on everything that transpired, settling my traffic nerves.

The patio/ pool deck

I had opted for the Urban Bliss Day Spa signature Casablanca massage. As other guests were being attended to, the rest of us had the delightful honor of conversing with Ms. Ayesha Rajah.

She has over 20 years of experience in the skincare, beauty and wellness industry and is well known for her accomplishments.  She is the Managing Director of A&I importers and has introduced South Africa to world renowned and effective skincare like Priori, Skin Doctors and Phytomer to name a few. A highly distinguished reputation in the Spa industry, yet not jaded in the least by her success, she ensures along with her staff, that all her guests are comfortable and their cups filled with tea or glasses brimming with fresh fruit juices. 

Not to mention the array of delicious wholesome spread of gluten free muffins, sugarless chocolate balls and delicious quiches most of which sponsored by “Fuel Foods” located in Hyde Park….so in love with their broccoli and cauliflower chipotle! Fuel foods has a modest approach to Banting, giving you results while being high on taste! Click on the link:

A few of the things Ms. Ayesha touched on:

# The wellness trends and the spas ability to provide massages and facials while ensuring that they address wellness concerns. Such as the use of gellified sea water in their sea water massage, that delivers 104 trace elements to the body that is essential to living, which it cannot create on its own.  
It has no oily residue, so no need to shower after. A single bath sachet by Phytomer is equivalent to 10 visits to the ocean…how phenomenal is that!

Humorous and sweet Blogger Nicole from Joburg's Darling, trying out the gellified sea water

# Balance: holistically incorporating treatments in addition to your workouts, healthy eating, medication, and serums that aid particular concerns to achieve overall balance and wellbeing.
# Customisation and its trend. What’s in it for me? Treatments are customized to suit the individual and their concerns such as needing a facial and feeling exhausted so you can have a facial while detoxifying with a bubbling spinal wrap. The wrap warms up and bubbles, providing an additional reflexology treatment. # Sensory integration massage using specialized ambient mists in the room to appeal to sense of smell, uplifting a clients mood even before a treatment has begun.
# Body wraps effectively assist in losing cms after 3 sessions and upto a dress size after 6 to 8 sessions, when used in conjunction with a good diet and exercise. These warm up, bubble and promote lymphatic drainage and detoxification through sweating and include the use of a serum, which continues to work on your system 6-8 hours after the treatment.

Can’t get enough? More about the Spa:

Mission Statement:

“Urban BLISS goes beyond the traditional spa and salon approach to offer you a truly bespoke and integrated and holistic wellness experience in the heart of Johannesburg.”


“To fuse the latest modern technologies with the ancient art of relaxation, through treatments that aim to create wellness by dedicated trained professionals.

Their service offering includes Spa therapies, Hair salon, Aesthetics, IPL hair removal, Pilates on their gorgeous patio deck and Yoga.” 

“Discover your Bliss with us!”

Aesthetics or Decor:

Treatment Rooms have been created with inspiration from the world's finest cities such as Tokyo, London, Paris and New York and appropriately named. Rooms have interleading doors between them so you can enjoy your treatments as a group or couple.
I have to say Urban Bliss Day spa is a blissful haven in the city!

The London treatment room

The Gorgeous waiting room

Treatments and offers:

Their aim is to “leave you feeling like you have been dipped in the ocean with their range of Wellness Massages, which assist with muscle spasms, relieves stress, increases relaxation and creates overall wellbeing.”

My treatment experience: Signature Cassablanca Massage

As expressed by the Spa:
“Our Signature Massage, the Casablanca incorporates various massage modalities to ease tension and knots without the next day soreness. It will have you lying in a candle lit room, listening to the sound of rain whilst experiencing the most blissful massage, leaving you feeling revived and rejuvenated.”

The above is clearly what I experienced and how I felt about the treatment, proving that the Spa has a reputation of meeting their objectives!

It left me wanting more, I even wanted to take the rain stick home…lol. My massage therapist was incredible and she kneaded my deep knots out of existence. I could feel swishing movements, like a wiper on a windshield, as she worked her magic and then incorporated other effective massage techniques. Then to finish off a treatment, which made me feel so much lighter, my therapist got up on my bed and pulled my hands up for a good stretch, such that my chest was off the bed, like a cool down after a great workout. Yes it felt a little weird, but I love that stretch! It aided in combatting any soreness afterward which usually follows physiotherapy or massages.

I left the spa feeling revitalised and with a gorgeous bag of Phytomer, Priori, Skin doctors, fuel food and other goodies. I cannot tell you how amazing these products are, you must experience them for yourself. 

I am in love with the Phytomer Souffle Marin cleansing foaming cream, it removes makeup like a dream and smells like the ocean, and 150ml will last you about 3 months as a little goes a long way. You can significantly up your skin moisture this Winter with Phytomer hydra original Hydration 24h night cream. The Priori invigorating Face and body scrub with advanced AHA, will leave your skin   noticeably smoother and sure to follow it with Sunscreen after use. I am just going to dub Skin doctors as the miracle products, would love to try their eye circle and eye tuck cream I have heard so much about. These products are all high end and deliver on promises.

Be social with the spa, whether it's hosting a Bridal Shower, Birthday, Treating Someone special or Corporate team building, the event can be hosted by them. I know I am definitely headed back for a bubbling spinal wrap;)

Thankyou so Much Urban Bliss Day spa for a unique, mind altering and body invigorating experience!

Contact Details:
011 486 0512/ 3
Facebook:Urban Bliss Wellness
Twitter: UrbanBlissWell